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Digpu is an Indian PR news distribution network with 100+ news channel partners in India. We are having Widest News Network Including English, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi and many other regional language news channels.

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Our News Network Covers 22 States in India with 100+ online news channel partners

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At Digpu, we are having exclusive and direct associations with news channels!

Almost every PR news agency across the globe route press releases via some wired network or syndication feed. This is why none of these can commit about the news channels prior to publication of the PR News.  At Digpu, we are having exclusive direct associations with news channels.

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Twins build Startup with 40+ apps for User safety

Bangalore, India, June 26, 2019/--Incidents identified with wrongdoings and mishaps in India have seen a noteworthy spike and along...

Women in India are becoming more interested in sex toys

India, June 25, 2019/--Contrary to popular belief, India is actually the 5th most sexually active country in the...

CM KCR Launched Medigadda Pump House

MEIL completes it in record timeMEDIGADDA,Telangana, June 21, 2019/Digpu/:The prestigious and world’s biggest...

Yoga has become “Indian Health Hamper” for the entire world: Shri Naqvi

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has made India’s thousands of years old Health Culture Yoga a “Credible Brand” of good health for...

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