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18.5 million year old vine fossil as new species: Study

An 18.5 million-year-old fossil found in Panama researchers at the Cornell University provides evidence of a new species and is the oldest reliable example of…

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17,000 Looted Artifacts make their way back to Iraq

Iraq reclaims looted Artifacts from USA in the country’s biggest-ever repatriation Baghdad: Tens of thousands of artifacts disappeared from Iraq after the 2003 invasion that…

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LizMotors Mobility Uses AI and IoT to create safety devices for women and children

Personal safety has become a major concern in our society, no matter where you go there is always the anxiety of safety not only for…

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Online travel portals important for hotel bookings: Study

The study shows that, while consumers are increasingly booking rooms directly with the hotel brand, being listed on an OTA site still has the potential…

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