About Us

Digpu.com is looking at reinventing the idea of news at large. ‘Free Voice With A Critical Edge’ is what describes Digpu News best. Our news articles are mostly about entrepreneurship, business news and innovations of individuals and companies in their respective niches. 

Digpu also presents an exclusive news series from conflict zones, starting from Kashmir. Dilpaziir, an Urdu word that means heart-pleasing, is a special edition news coverage from Kashmir. Our local journalists have successfully shared many inspirational stories from the valley – from the invention of E-Charkha to organizing the first-ever cricket tourney for Blind athletes; all the stories make us awe-struck. We congratulate and thank all our writers for their unbiased reporting from the grassroots level. 

A New Era Of News – Innovations, Positive Developments And Real Issues

With the abundance of data and information in the world, people are now keen on self-growth, acquiring knowledge and increasing productivity. Most of them are already setting and breaking exceptional records in their respective niches. Often, most of the media outlets miss the real theme of the era- the positive news, the accomplishments and innovations of individuals and companies in diverse fields. At a time where the very fine line between news and fake news has started to diminish, Digpu News Network aims at promoting innovators, achievers and force multipliers of positive changes in society.

Impactful And Unbiased Journalism

Lately, journalism had started to become a biased branding tool for influencing individuals and sections of society. Mass media seemed to drift away from the very idea of its creation – communication. With many torchbearers in the industry leaning towards one party or the other, the media that was once synonymous with information dissemination, most of it has reduced to just political analogies, hate-mongering prime times and exhaustive analysis of videos viral online. This motivated us to venture into journalism and start our own news network that is free from any bias, affiliation, gain or ulterior motive. The fuel to our passion is empowering meaningful and powerful journalism.


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