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Free Voice with a critical edge. Digpu brings out real yet unattended stories from around the globe. We are here to empower true journalism from the grassroots level. We are helping Startups and SMEs with innovative ideas by distributing their press releases & news articles.

DIGPU is a Global News Distribution Network and an English Online News Portal based in New Delhi, India. Digpu disseminates Online Press Releases (PR) from companies and organizations worldwide to online news channels, podcast and web-based video channels. Majorly our associations are with Online News Portals, Print Newspapers and Mobile Applications. 

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  • Guaranteed News Publication on Your Selected News Channels
  • Multiple PR News Articles at the price of One
  • Customized PR News Solutions as per your budget and requirement
  • One or more images with every article without any additional cost
  • Multiple news links will get picked up by Google, Bing and Yahoo News
  • In-house PR Content team that delivers top quality content
  • PR News will get published like a News Article
  • Same day publications once the content is finalized
  • PR News links will be retained for a minimum of 12 months and a maximum of lifetime
  • PR news will get published on the home page on most of the news channels
  • Widest Multilingual News Network in India

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