Audi urbansphere concept built for passengers of the megacities

Once inside the Audi urbansphere concept car, it would allow drivers to work, relax, or socialize

Ease of mobility in the time of city stress is being addressed, finally. China’s megacities have been seeing passengers pinned down by the stress they bring about, and an effort to combat this situation has been taken up by automaker Audi.

The result is a concept car that has been exquisitely designed by the renowned luxury car manufacturer. The concept car has been specially built for passengers in China’s megacities so that they can escape the stresses of the city by withdrawing into their own private cocoon.

The Audi urbansphere concept, as it is called by the maker, is not sure of going into mass production. What the concept actually looks like is a six-passenger vehicle that drives into the future while opening up a futuristic world for its passengers. The belief that traffic of the future could be much worse, has made Audi to design it in such a way that the in-vehicle experience would come customized to bring to the traveller a bunch of retreats from the urban existence, said a report.

Audi urbansphere concept is a drive into the future

Once inside the Audi urbansphere concept car, it would allow drivers to work, relax, or socialize. A multipurpose interior that would have the ability to transform from an office to a cinema to a lounge with the press of a button is what Audi has made.

That also means that the car doesn’t just provide easy mobility. It also takes into account how a passenger would use the time they travel between destinations. Markus Duesmann, Chairman of the Board Management at AUDI AG, and the man who is responsible for the Chinese market, has been quoted by the report as saying that the urbansphere concept would be a completely new approach developed from the inside-out.

Fully autonomous battery-electric pod

Audi urbansphere concept is a fully autonomous battery-electric pod, and has as its goal making a mark in Asia’s metropolises and other megacities around the world. The concept car offers passenger comfort in congested neighbourhoods too. Further, it comes equipped with a 295-kilowatt, dual-motor setup and the carmaker’s quattro all-wheel-drive system and adaptive air suspension.

Other features include a long wheelbase, two-tone exterior paint, aluminum cladding, and 24-inch wheels. The interior puts to play ambient lighting, digital screens and a four-plus-two seating layout. Made to work akin to a theatre, workspace with individual screens, or a bedroom with seats that recline into beds, the concept vehicle could well be the future of mobility in megacities.

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