Mazda readying car that will stop if the driver suffers a stroke or heart attack

Japanese automaker Mazda is readying a car that can predict if the driver is about to suffer a stroke or heart attack.

We live in an age where cars can drive all on their own and park themselves too. We are on the verge of seeing cars fly, and going by the pace technology has been advancing, that could also happen soon.

What we now hear is about a car that would prove to be a saviour in times of an ailment while in the midst of a ride. Automotive giant Mazda is the maker under the limelight at the moment, after a revelation that the company has in the works a car that would send out an alert the moment the driver suffers a stroke or heart attack.

Making use of data from cameras inside the car, Mazda’s engineers will make this happen. If work progresses as expected, by the year 2025, the world would get to see cars that can detect whether the driver is about to have a health condition that could be dangerous.

Mazda working with medical experts to make dream car

The Japanese automotive company is said to be working closely with medical experts, from institutions including the renowned Tsukuba University Hospital. As per a TechXplore report, the company is working with experts towards research on the collected image data so as to find out what a healthy driver looks like and what one who is about to suffer a stroke or heart ailment looks like.

Going by the research that’s happening at the moment, the new age car will have a feature that will detect an impending stroke or heart attack and immediately bring the car to a stop.

The concept, currently termed Co-Pilot, could go a long way in aiding drivers who have health conditions and also those who are aged. Mazda is also making sure that the data used will be under strict privacy norms and personal data will remain in the car, the report added.

Car to play saviour in times of medical emergencies

Further to bringing itself to a stop, the car will also start honking, and set off hazard lights so as to attract the good Samaritans around and thus help the victim get immediate medical aid. Besides, the concept will also include a provision to relay an emergency call to the nearest ambulance and the police.

Once work on the new concept is over, the Japanese carmaker is likely to offer the technology to Europe too. It is believed that other carmakers of the likes of Toyota Motor Corp and Volkswagen are also working in similar technologies.

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