Mercedes Sustaineer isn’t your regular EV, it purifies air too on the go

Mercedes Sustaineer is a delivery van concept showcased as a fully electric vehicle. Significantly, the van improves the environment around it too.

What does ensuring a sustainable existence mean? The COP26 climate conference is round the bend, and nations the world over would converge to deliberate on how to make the planet live. Even as countries around the globe strive to combat climate change, there are efforts on another terrain too and they need to be lauded.

We have always applauded the switch from fossil fuels to electric vehicles and joined hands with the world to appreciate efforts towards e-mobility. It is here that an effort by automotive major Mercedes-Benz calls for full-scale applause.

The company has not just joined the bandwagon of electric car makers, but have taken efforts towards sustainability a tad further. Though it could look like a small attempt, it would mean a lot to the dying world.

Sustaineer comes across as the need of the hour

Mercedes has showcased a new EV, aptly christened Sustaineer. The EV isn’t just another electric vehicle from one of those automobile makers you know or have heard of. Sustaineer displays a unique manner in which sustainability can be implemented.

Sustaineer is a delivery van concept that has been showcased as a fully electric vehicle. What’s significant is that the van improves the environment around it as it rolls. The van comes equipped with fine particulate filters on the front and underbody, and they help in the purification of the air around the van.

The air purification process goes on undisturbed at every speed it travels. The company has thrown in elements such as cast iron and ceramic-coated disc brakes so as to cut down on the quantity of dust in the air and limit brake wear. Further, it is also equipped with solar panels on the roof in a bid to extend the range and reduce the need for plug-in charging. The green energy the van generates also comes in handy to power devices such as tools and laptops.

Ample eco-conscious technology in Sustaineer

That isn’t all. Mercedes has also brought in eco-conscious technology in good amounts with the deployment of an energy-saving heating system and also recycled materials. The use of recycled materials comes in into filler, which is made from household waste. Additionally, natural straw goes into the making of the cab partition, while the underbody of the Sustaineer uses recycled polypropylene and used tires

We would like to see Mercedes include the Sustaineer in its mass production plan in the near future. Who wouldn’t, right?

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