Magic Bus among the Top 5 Nonprofits in India

January 8, 2020, Mumbai, India–

Magic Bus’s constant endeavors to operate at its best and channel its energy and talent towards developing an effective high-impact programme, is showing results. The organisation has made a difference to the lives of over 1 million children and young people, particularly, in the field of skill development and education for young girls and boys. In acknowledgement of these efforts, Magic Bus has been recognised as one of the Top 5 Nonprofits in India for Education and Skill Development of Orphaned and Vulnerable Children as per CSR Journal.

Beaming with pride Global CEO – Magic Bus, Jayant Rastogi said, “Human and social development are ongoing and continuous, and Magic Bus has always envisioned a plan that would be most effective with strong internal systems, applying professional standards and codes of conduct to its workforce. I am elated that our strengths are able to mobilise the potential of the children and young people we work with. We are very happy that the impact and work we do is being recognised and getting acclaimed in India.” 

Having recognised the importance of education and skill development among the underprivileged children and young people, Magic Bus pioneered some innovative ways to necessitate and enable children to complete secondary education; delay their age of marriage; and impart skills to the young people to procure jobs, thereby helping them move out of the vicious cycle of poverty. The organisation equips children and young people in the age group of 12 to 18, with the requisite skills and knowledge they need, to help them move out of poverty.

About Magic Bus

From 3000 children in 1999 in Mumbai, Magic Bus has transformed over one million children and young people living in poverty, taking them from a childhood full of challenges to a life with meaningful livelihoods. Magic Bus is one of the largest poverty alleviation programmes in India, impacting 3,75,000 children and young people in 22 states and 80 districts of India in FY 18-19. We deliver our sports activity-based sessions in close to 1961 communities and 930 schools in both urban slum clusters and remote rural areas. Since the Livelihood programme began in 2015, we have 42 Livelihood centers. They have trained 30,000 youth and placed more than 70% youth in jobs in the organised sector, career-based training or get self-employed, with an average salary of INR 10,287.

Magic Bus also works in Nepal, Bangladesh, and Myanmar with 6000 children, in 40 communities and 31 schools with 81 Community Coordinators. Magic Bus also works in Nepal, Bangladesh, and Myanmar with 6000 children, in 40 communities and 31 schools with 81 Community Coordinators.

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