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Benjamin Genocchio Effectively Changed The Way Art News Was Consumed

USA: Benjamin Genocchio a well-known art critic and author. Benjamin Genocchio is currently the director at Large for Shoshana Wayne Gallery in Los Angeles and New York. In January 2014 though, he founded Artnet News, the world’s first dedicated 24-hour global art market newswire that changed the face of art news consumption forever. Back then too, we lived in a world where people wanted to consume knowledge about the world around them, at the drop of a hat. Their attention span had been getting smaller and the need to know about anything and everything was only getting bigger. Benjamin Genocchio introduced Artnet News at exactly a time like that.

In that content-hungry environment, Artnet News quickly became a one-stop destination for art lovers around the world. Art curators, critics, enthusiasts, and artists themselves came to Artnet to update themselves regarding the happenings of the art world. From the very beginning, Benjamin Genocchio had one major aim for Artnet News. It was to inform, engage, and connect the most avid members of the art community with daily art world news and expert commentary. Needless to say, he achieved what he set out to do with his incredible team to support him along the way. Anything in the art world that was news-worthy, was covered on the website in a timely, accurate, and fun manner.

Benjamin Genocchio News
Benjamin Genocchio with his Wife & Daughter

With the colorful art world news, Artnet also helped start a dialogue. Benjamin Genocchio and his team were quite active in interacting with the art enthusiasts of the world, regarding even the most controversial discussions of the art world. The website had reporters and writers that shared their knowledge and expertise on such topics. Benjamin Genocchio, being an art critic himself, has always loved to interact with people who are passionate about even the most trivial art world news.

Artnet opened a door for all kinds of healthy discussions that gave people a platform to express their thoughts in a community where they wouldn’t be judged. Additionally, it allowed them to learn about their fellow art enthusiast’s opinions and maybe learn something from them in the process.

To this day, Artnet News continues to be the world’s largest and most popular daily art news source. It has only grown bigger over the years, thanks to people like Benjamin Genocchio who not only found it but was also an editor-in-chief there. With its humble beginnings, it is extremely commendable that Artnet News has now become such a credible source of information. From there on, Benjamin Genocchio has taken on several projects that have shaped his career in the arts gracefully. He took over the armory show in the years that came next, despite not being from an art fair background. This, like the Artnet News, was a unique endeavour that Benjamin Genocchio undertook and made a great experience for all. With Artnet he changed the way the art news was consumed, with the Armory show gig, he changed the way people looked at art fairs. He has been a pioneer in the truest sense.

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