Brand Connect – The New Age of E-tail’s Business Model

Akshat Malik, Founder and Managing Director – ClickOnCare

New Delhi, India, November 27, 2019 —

ClickOnCare, the largest Online Skincare, Haircare and Nutrition Store is closing down its Marketplace Business.

The Online Speciality Store for Cosmeceuticals, Dermaceuticals & Nutraceuticals is supplanting the traditional Marketplace with its new launch in December under the Banner Brand Connect.

With the Health and Beauty market constantly evolving, India’s per capita spend on beauty and personal care is growing in line with its GDP. Five major categories – face care, hair care, hand care and color cosmetics, speciality brands face a stiff competition from the Indian beauty and personal care (BPC) industry which is estimated to be worth USD 25 Billion. With International Brands too entering the market, Domestic Speciality brands face the challenge of Reach. Mass Shelving a product is not sufficient anymore; knowledge sharing is inevitable.

“The BPC Industry is moving towards Premiumization with the segment growing at over 6% when compared to 1% for mass market. The Consciousness about grooming is driving a shift from beauty or wellness products to expensive lifestyle enhancement products. 50% of rural population aged 25 or below dominate the change. This brings in the need for Product Knowledge Percolation. Sales do not come easy with this segment, which is where ClickOnCare is doing its best. We Collaborate with Brands for a Mutual Long Term Brand Building Exercise backed by Steady but Incremental Sales. BRAND CONNECT EQUALS BRAND BUILDING ALONG WITH SALES”, quotes Akshat Malik, Founder & Managing Director at on why Brand Connect stands out versus traditional marketing strategies.

Brand Connect – The New Age of E-tail’s Business Model
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What does Brand Connect Offer?

Brand connect is launched to help Marketers reach their Targeted Audience with the right intent, which is a Good Mix of Awareness, Consideration and Action; alongside Analysing Market and understanding Consumer Behaviour.

“ClickOnCare would collaborate with Brands for Measured Activities keeping Brands Individuality alive. If a Brand is looking for Massive Sales in Week 1, ClickOnCare would suggest keeping away from this association. We are not a marketing agency to just run Google Ads”, shares Rakesh Kumar, Vice President at for Brand Connect.

With Market Research and understanding of the latest audience trend, ClickOnCare will ensure not just sales but to build the brand while providing them the flagship BRAND FOCUS tag.

One of the most important reasons why Brand Connect is going to take upon the traditional marketing standards and approach is because of its businesses structure to interact with targeted audiences in Real-time. Customers have grown fond of participating and interacting with one’s brand or business.

Being a part of BRAND CONNECT means – A place to build Brand along with Sales.

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