Gamifying the shopping experience, the Bzinga way

Piyush Rajgarhia, Business Head, Bzinga, talks to Digpu about how he was able to enable people to gamify the overall shopping experience with Bzinga.

Armed with intense zeal and a highly focused approach in the gaming industry, Piyush Rajgarhia arrived on the scene with a dream. His dream was to be part of a platform that allows people to gamify the overall shopping experience, and make it far more exciting and fun. The 32-year-old has now realised his dream, with Bzinga gaining acceptance across the country. Bzinga is an innovative auction platform, which gamifies the entire shopping experience and let users win products of their choice in an extremely convenient manner.  

Piyush Rajgarhia, Business Head, Bzinga, speaks exclusively to Digpu News. Here are excerpts from the conversation:

Bzinga is getting itself noticed as a unique gaming platform in a short span of time since its launch. Could you please elaborate on the platform and its success mantra? In other words, what makes it unique?

We have been blown away by the response we have received thus far. When most people hear the word auction, the first thing that comes to mind is that the highest bidder wins. In Bzinga, the lowest bidder wins, which makes the game even more exciting. The variety of products available is another factor that distinguishes it. A user has the chance to win anything from a keyring to a car. On Bzinga, you are always spoiled for choice.

You are a businessman with a professional degree in Chartered Accountancy. Could you tell us more about your career switch?

My interest has always been piqued by online gaming and convenient shopping. I believed there was a need for a platform that allows you to gamify the overall shopping experience, making it far more exciting and fun.

What are your plans for Bzinga? Where do you foresee the gaming platform 10 years down the line?

Ten years is a long time to plan, especially in this industry. In the next five years, we hope to establish it as the preferred platform for people from all over the world to get the products they want in the most exciting and convenient way possible.

Gamifying the shopping experience, the Bzinga way - Digpu News
Piyush Rajgarhia, Business Head, Bzinga

You have been pushing Bzinga as an inverse auction platform. How would you explain that in the context of luring fans? Are the Indian public mature enough for such propositions?

Inverse auction is not only a fascinating concept, but it is also simple to grasp. To win, a person’s bid must be the lowest and most distinctive. That is, no one else should have bid the same amount, and it should be the lowest of all unique bids. Indians are extremely mature, intelligent, and tech-savvy. They not only grasp new concepts quickly, but they also enthusiastically embrace such novel ideas. We already have thousands and thousands of winners on Bzinga in such a short period of time.

Bzinga had recently tied up Zee Keralam, the popular television channel in Kerala. How do you see the prospects for a mega success?

Our collaboration with Zee Keralam has been a watershed moment for us. With Zee’s massive reach and celebrities gracing the show, Bzinga has touched the hearts of millions of Keralites across the state, bringing joy and laughter to their homes. Bzinga is on its way to greatness thanks to our users’ unwavering love and support.

Will you be taking Bzinga to other television networks in the country as part of garnering a wider audience?

That is, indeed, part of the plan. As part of our expansion strategy, we intend to bring Bzinga to many more markets in the future.

The app has seen a fair number of downloads already. Have you come across criticism with regard to its functioning? In case you have, how do you plan to make things perfect?

Something as distinct and intriguing as this cannot be perfect from the start. We had some software glitches that have now been resolved, and to be honest, we did not expect to become so popular so quickly, so there were some delays on our end in fulfilling our winners’ orders. For a better user experience, we have been working to streamline our operations and introduce new exciting features to the application. We appreciate our users’ patience, love, and support for Bzinga.

The gaming scenario in India has been riding the crest, with some even looking at turning unicorns. What future do you see for Bzinga?

Bzinga has received a lot of love and attention in a short period of time, and because it is a one-of-a-kind platform, we are confident that it will be loved in every territory we visit and will become the destination of choice for users looking for products in the most fun and exciting way.

The Bzinga app screens

Could you tell us a bit more about your journey towards making Bzinga a known name in the Indian context?

So far, it has been a memorable and eventful journey building the business brick by brick, learning at every step and sometimes taking things as they come with little time for preparation. What has kept us going is the unwavering love, faith, and support we have received from our users, which motivates us to continue on this journey with them.

The customer base in the Indian context is a tricky proposition, most often. They tend to waver when returns fail to be forthcoming. What plans do you have to create brand loyalty among your users?

We always aim to go above and beyond for our customers. We approach everything we do from the perspective of the customer, and we believe that if we meet their expectations and provide them with a platform where they cannot only enjoy, but also win wonderful products, they will stick with us on this journey.

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