Crisis-hit fishing community foresees silver lining in seaweed farming

Seaweed farming economy development plan could pull fisherfolk out of pandemic, climate change-induced crisis

It looks like the socio-economic status of traditional fisherfolk, who have been pushed in crisis ever since the onset of the Covid 19 pandemic and the continuing ill-effects of climate change, can now wake up to a silver lining showing up on the horizon yonder.

With plans to develop a sustainable Seaweed farming Economy based on high-income marine algae cultivation, an increase in income for the fishing community is expected. The Centre is now lining up seaweed farming on a large scale wherever possible as a plan and thereby pushing up the chances of increasing the economic growth of the country.

Fisheries Secretary Jatindranath Sivan, who interacted with scientists at the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI), in Kochi, Kerala today, said that algae cultivation, which is considered a natural solution to combat the threat posed by climate change, would benefit both nature and economic growth at the same time.

Seaweed farming could mean additional income for fisherfolk

Seaweed farming can prove to be a source of additional income for traditional fishermen, Sivan said adding that, by strengthening the algae farming in the region, the socio-economic status of those in crisis due to the epidemic and climate change will improve.

The Fisheries Secretary urged the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI) to set up a seed bank to popularize seaweed farming. Calling upon scientists to offer the support of the scientific community in developing means to expand this cultivation, he pointed out that the Pradhan Mantri Fisheries Scheme has placed a special emphasis on algae cultivation.

The Centre, in fact, has aimed at doubling seafood exports over the next five years. Various measures will be taken to increase fish production to achieve this goal. These schemes will help increase the per capita income of the country, he added, stating that technology advancement will be utilized to increase fish production.

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