From traditional advertising to modern advertising, this agency does it all

From traditional advertising to modern advertising, this agency does it all

Excellent Publicity is a vibrant, innovative and widely driven advertising agency that caters to media planning and media buying.

An agency that has seen nothing but an uphill journey from the starting year of its inception till today, this agency is going nowhere but only closer to the sun to touch its brightest ray with each passing day in the world of advertising.

Amongst the millions of advertising agencies that the country harbours, we have one that is capturing the western market at Godspeed by winning some of the biggest accounts and the word in the market is that they plan to conquer the rest of the country with similar zeal.

Founded in 2011 November by CA Vaishal Dalal and Mr Manan Joshi, Excellent Global Endeavors LLP is a vibrant, innovative and widely driven advertising agency that caters to media planning and buying for everything fancy to everything that is no-frills in the world of advertising.

Though the agency has offices in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune, Vadodara and Surat, it isn’t bound by any physical geographies and has clients right from smaller towns & cities of India to UK, Middle East & USA.

In this way, Excellent Publicity is nothing but a complete world in itself where there is meticulous planning and execution for each and every possible advertising medium known right from Outdoor, Airport branding to Radio branding to Newspaper, Magazine advertising to Transit branding to Digital marketing which includes OTT Platforms, Websites, Applications to Sports Sponsorship in National Leagues to Mall activation, there is nothing that has been left untouched by this pulsating agency.

Why opting Excellent Publicity is good for Outdoor, Radio and Digital Advertising

There are several reasons as to why one would choose to associate with Excellent Publicity, lets state these, for starters, as the name goes they give excellent client servicing which is support by 40 individuals brimming from their millennial stage, a prime age that comes with enthusiasm, the will to work hard, the courage to experiment and offer the best to their clients. They are quick which means you get a proposal customised to your branding needs in 24 hours’ time, they are sharp which means you get a proposal that is well calculated to fit your budgets and scrupulous which means you get a proposal better than what your competitor has.

This of course doesn’t mean the struggle is less, the struggle to sustain is ever growing and is more than ever especially with COVID19 doing the rounds, however, that hasn’t dampen the spirit or the will and determination to do better but has only made this will to achieve and leave a mark in the world of advertising stronger and everlasting for the bunch of people working here who proudly call themselves a large family.

From traditional advertising to modern advertising, this agency does it all
(L-R) Partner – Amit Thakkar, Co-founder – Manan Joshi & CA Vaishal Dalal

During the harsh months of lockdown 2020, Excellent Publicity geared up to beat the losses coming their way since majority of brands had stopped advertising. They had introduced branding on COVID19 masks and branded COVID19 kits that the brands could customise and give away to their employees, customers and the remaining stakeholders.

This diversification bagged them several banking and pharma clients. The agency furthermore used this time to incorporate and collaborate with several instagrammers and influencers for penning down a cost effective but concentrated media plan for brands to associate with, the agency also introduced a new service which is the very exciting scratch coupon concept for a fun integration with online payment getaways.

So you see what we mean? There is absolutely nothing that this agency cannot fulfil for a brand that is looking at varied ways of advertising and branding, your wish is truly their command. Whether the objective is brand awareness, reach or lead generation, they have a plan for all of it and that’s exactly why one should associate with Excellent Publicity. If you are looking for anything related to advertising & marketing, look nowhere and settle only for Excellent Publicity with Excellent Publicity. You can reach them on

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