Grasp Green Advancements to Ensure Safe Future: Himansh Verma

Grasp Green Advancements to Ensure Safe Future: Himansh Verma - Digpu
Himansh Verma

Mumbai, India, November 26, 2019 —

Human life has always resulted in the emission of pollutants into the earth’s atmosphere, and natural pollutants have always existed as well. The ecological balance was maintained by the self-cleansing and recycling capacity of the earth, however, because of the relatively small number of human processes leading to pollution. With the advent of the industrial revolution, and the sheer speed of technological development has led to a dramatic upsurge in the level and variety of pollutants that are spewed into the atmosphere in the last few years. This trend is obviously disturbing, considering that there is only one planet available to us to live on!

Indeed, Earth’s atmosphere isn’t something we can take for granted. Without it, life as we know it wouldn’t exist. Not only does it contain the oxygen we need to live, but it also protects us from harmful ultraviolet solar radiation. It creates pressure without which liquid water couldn’t exist on our planet’s surface. And it warms our planet and keeps temperatures habitable for our living Earth.

Huge numbers of people today are reliant on non-renewable resources that are ultimately hurting the environmental conditions. The carbon content is increasing and is at an all-time high polluting the land, air, and water. Choosing clean, eco-friendly and sustainable technologies has been the need of the hour and the governments of various countries are taking it up on priority.

One such company is Navrattan Holdings Limited. The company is a science & technology venture of Navrattan Group and is dedicated to developing and acquiring futuristic innovations in renewable technology. The company owns over 60 Intellectual Property Rights of revolutionary technologies that are going to change the way we use our resources and will prove worthwhile for the environment. The company has a professional team of researchers and scientists who work day and night to innovate new ways of commercializing green technologies. The company’s research operations are spread across various industries like construction, alternative energy generation, transportation, waste disposal management, to name a few.

The other verticals of Navrattan Group of companies include Navrattan Green Cement Industries Pvt. Ltd. A Private limited firm that has developed a 100% clean and green cement alternative, called the Navrattan Green Crete. The Green Crete is an eco-friendly construction material that has higher compressive and tensile strength than the Portland cement. The Crete does not produce any pollution during its manufacturing process as it does not use limestone. The Crete is totally fireproof and hydrophobic. The cement industry contributes around 8% of carbon emission into the atmosphere and this product alone has the capacity to bring that down to zero.

Navrattan Green Power Corporation Ltd. is another vertical of Navrattan Group that has come up with an innovation in solar power technology. SUNSUL Technology, as the company calls it, is an eco-friendly self-looped technology that generates a continuous supply of electricity by converting S8 to S2. The system feeds on sulfur that is available as industrial waste material, thus substantially reducing landfills. SUNSUL technology has a higher working efficiency than Solar PV.

Navrattan USA Inc. is a global endeavour set up in Bozeman Montana, United States. The organization is effectively associated with Basalt mining and Basalt Rebar process. Basalt originates from magma. The advancement utilizes an attractive acceptance process for warming and liquefying basalt that can further be utilized for assembling different basalt items like strands and fibers. The fiber fabric along these lines created is a superior electrical cover and can take higher weight than fiberglass. The Basalt fiber has different uses going from a lightweight back rub table to a contender fly. The procedure utilizes negligible energy and is accordingly eco-accommodating.

The man behind all these technologies is Mr Himansh Verma. The young entrepreneur has single-handedly set up Navrattan Group of companies that today stands strong on six independently operating verticals. All his innovations are sustainable and aim at providing ‘Greener, Cleaner & Better Tomorrow.’

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