Gurbaksh Chahal Honoured By DSGMC, Shares The Moment With Former PM Manmohan Singh

September 30, 2019 —

September 1st, 2019 marked the 550th birth anniversary of the first Sikh Guru Sri Guru Nanak Dev, an occasion celebrated with gusto in Delhi. The Delhi Gurdwara Sikh Management Committee (DGSMC), invited noteworthy dignitaries to partake in the celebrations. Amongst those present were defence minister Rajnath Singh, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as well as serial entrepreneur and philanthropist, Gurbaksh Chahal. The digital magnate was felicitated with an award in recognition of his achievements as a renowned global entrepreneur by the DGSMC.

Chahal’s deep-rooted passion for information technology and its applications is an affair that spans several decades. His journey defined him as a pioneer in the digital field. He has now turned his gaze towards the youth of Punjab in a quest to help them realize the true potential of information technology. He is confident that Punjab has the capacity to become an IT hub that would surpass the likes of China and Silicon Valley with ease.

Gurbaksh Chahal shared a special moment with the former PM Manmohan Singh, and later took to Twitter and posted, “Met the man, the myth, the legend PM Manmohan Singh. Honoured to meet him and then to my surprise, was asked to go on stage and be congratulated for my career achievements as an entrepreneur! Humbled amazing night!!!”

Gurbaksh Chahal With Former PM Manmohan Singh - Digpu
Gurbaksh Chahal With Former Indian PM Manmohan Singh

Gurbaksh Chahal’s ardent support to young entrepreneurs is not surprising, considering that he too commenced his journey with nothing more than a dream and a great deal of determination. Gurbaksh is a respected entrepreneur, author, investor, keynote speaker, and philanthropist. He has spearheaded advancements in the realm of artificial intelligence, the power of data, and the internet of things. To further his mission to assist budding entrepreneurs, Gurbaksh launched Taraa Labs, a platform that serves as an IT incubator. Here, aspiring entrepreneurs are moulded, guided, and led down the path to discovery, in an attempt to help them revolutionize IT and truly add value to businesses across the globe.

Owing to his repeated entrepreneurial success, Gurbaksh has spoken and taught classes to business students at numerous colleges and universities including Columbia University, UC Berkeley, Stanford University, Cambridge University, London School of Economics, Pace University, Ryerson University, CSU Hayward, Evergreen College and most recently The Indian School of Business.

Gurbaksh Chahal’s entrepreneurial efforts led him to receive the Leaders of Management Award in 2009, presented by President Donald Trump in recognition of his success as both an accomplished leader and entrepreneur. Mr Chahal was also invited to the White House in 2011 and 2012, by the former POTUS and the first lady, Barak Obama and Michelle Obama.

Gurbaksh Chahal With Barack Obama and Michelle Obama - Digpu
Gurbaksh Chahal With Barack Obama and Michelle Obama

Gurbaksh Chahal is not content only with ten-digit revenue figures, as he continues to help ignite the minds of young entrepreneurs across the globe. His contribution to the IT sector was and continues to remain invaluable. While many of his ventures continue to push the limits of human creativity and ingenuity, his focus of chiselling Punjab into an IT giant is coming to pass. Mr Chahal added, “The future lies in the hands of today’s youth. It is our responsibility to help kindle these bright minds, so that tomorrow, they may ignite the path that lies ahead.”

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