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IHD Marketplace supports the US government in the fight against COVID-19

With the scale and resources, IHD Marketplace uniquely handled COVID-19 response, procurement and shipments for federal and state agencies.

The IHD Marketplace INC shipped 2 million N95 Masks today to support the US Government’s efforts to minimise impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) on the US health systems fighting the COVID-19 crisis. The shipment will contribute to the procurement of medical supplies and equipment for frontline public health workers.

Since the crisis began, IHD Marketplace Inc.’s new G2G, G2B, B2B and B2B2C physical and online healthcare delivery platform leveraged global competitiveness of nations reinforced by a diverse team to create a unique and strong supply chain boosting the supply of crucial face masks, PPE’s, testing kits, ventilators and, eventually, ensuring safety of lives. It has taken broad, fast action to help countries strengthen their pandemic response and health care systems with urgent medical supplies that are most critical to fighting the COVID-19 crisis.

IHD Marketplace has taken a tremendous amount of collaboration and cooperation across many sectors globally to fight the spread of this virus, and IHD’s dedicated Healthcare and supply chain divisions are working harder than ever to help procure quality cost effective medical supplies and to deliver them in fastest time by leveraging its unique global network. IHD marketplace is already delivering urgent medical supplies to countries that account for 35% of the world’s population including several low-income nations, with the goal of reaching 100 countries in total by the end of 2020.

With the scale and resources, IHD Marketplace has been in a unique position to handle COVID-19 response, procurement and shipments for federal and state agencies — and for hospitals and Healthcare conglomerates with specialised needs. It supports FEMA’s Project Airbridge, a public-private partnership to get vital and life-saving equipment where needed, with greater speed.

IHD Marketplace Healthcare division has placed a renewed focus on quality management systems and streamlined services and patient-driven supply chains for healthcare shipments. This has allowed them to quickly mobilise healthcare team members globally in unprecedented ways to focus on the complex demands of the countries, UN agencies, private institutions and key hospitals.

IHD Marketplace supports the US government in the fight against COVID-19 - Digpu News

Specialised transport, packaging and monitoring solutions, along with customs brokerage expertise, has given IHD Marketplace an advantage to overcome transportation restrictions and navigate strict regulatory guidelines to expedite life-saving healthcare products in these challenging circumstances.

Supporting continued global operation in every country where we do business is amongst the highest priorities at IHD Marketplace.

IHD’s operations worldwide are working aggressively to transport and expedite testing kits, personal protection equipment (PPE) and medical devices needed to support public safety and speed diagnosis and therapy for COVID-19. In some instances, with travel restrictions due to the pandemic, priority flights are chartered for urgent shipments of COVID-19-related supplies and pharma to ensure critical goods needed on the front-lines don’t sit idle in warehouses.

IHD Marketplace will soon announce a new solution which leverages IHD’s Smart Global Logistics Network package tracking capabilities, combined with new, next-generation, on-package sensor technology to enable priority flow paths, sortation, contingency actions and delivery services for critical healthcare shipments.

In the global crisis caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19), IHD Marketplace is helping client countries with urgent medical supplies by facilitating procurement that negotiates factory-level contracts directly with manufacturers and connects them to global buyers.

The US government is pleased that timely commitment by IHD Marketplace enabled rapid procurement and distribution of essential medical supplies and equipment to support the immediate needs of the US health system.

“At the IHD Marketplace we stand by The US and other countries in their efforts to respond to demands on the health system resulting from this emergency,” said Chitwan Malhotra, Chairperson, IHD Group, IHD Marketplace INC.

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