India’s Pioneer In Holistic Optical Services, Gangar Eyenation Is A Retail Market’s Ideal Business Model

Mumbai, November 21, 2019 —

With 40+ years in its legacy in optical products, services and technology, Gangar Eyenation takes pride in being a “People’s brand”. Today, the brand has more than has 75+ stores in states of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Goa, and more than 100 internationally acclaimed branded eyewear in each outlet. However, it does not feel compelled to compete for its position on an online market – as its secret lies in retail marketing.

Established in 1977 originally known as Gangar Opticians, Gangar Eyenation’s founders Mr Surendra Gangar and Mr Champak Gangar had a dedicated approach to building the brand as a reliable and approachable one. Their ambition for a “holistic optical care” service drove one of the fundamental unique selling points of the brand: affordable optics without the compromise of quality. With the inspiration to create customer satisfaction, they discovered the influence of customisation. It was one of the pioneering brands to customise eyewear, putting great care into prescribed lenses and optical care. After many years of adapting to changing trends, it was in the year 2007 that the company rose to become a powerhouse in the retail optics industry in India.

Jigar Gangar, director of Gangar Eyenation, says that the idea of being approachable by all has not been compromised in any way. Gangar Eyenation to this day has one of the finest eye testing equipment in specialised variants across all its centres. This is especially true for outlets that are in Tier – II and Tier – III cities. On the other hand, Gangar Eyenation is home to more than 100+ international brands across all outlets and has tied up with brands such as Cartier, Mont Blanc, Armani, Burberry, Tag Heuer, Tom Ford Prada, Hugo Boss, DKNY, and many others to garner attraction from it’s Tier -I demographic.

India’s Pioneer In Holistic Optical Services, Gangar Eyenation Is A Retail Market’s Ideal Business Model - Digpu

According to Jigar Gangar and his brothers, the secret of retail branding is that customers are able to engage with the product and its vibrant variety. This in itself is a reason for each of the Gangar Eyenation stores to act as independent businesses: Complete with state-of-the-art technology and a team of highly trained professionals and technicians. While heavily investing their approach from a research and development point of view, Gangar Eyenation’s brand-building approach has been through the intricacies of customer intimacy. In the recent past, their market success is pushed by consumer insights and creative expertise, moulded by the brand’s innate need to engage with every customer that walks through their doors.

With the evolution of technology and innovation in greater markets internationally, Gangar opticians were among very few companies who adopted the course to bring the latest technology to India like computerized eye testing equipment, personalised lenses, auto-edging machines, new and modern designs and materials with latest eyewear styles.

Gangar Eyenation is trusted with distinguished acumen that does not sell any seconds or imitations. By dealing directly with the manufacturers of top brand frames and sunglasses, the company is able to offer the best price on authentic eyewear. The company understands what the top-quality eyewear customers want and the same is tuned with a full-service optical solution and service at all time at their stores.

Today, trust and approachability are one of Gangar Eyenation’s most rewarding returns of brand engagement and consumer loyalty. Complete with corporate packages and gifting services, Gangar Eyenation’s brand-building strategies are a result of extreme market foresight, consumer insight and philosophy largely based on empathy with no compromise on deliverance. Against constantly changing markets and the threat of changing consumer loyalties, Gangar Eyenation has gracefully constructed purpose with a prize. That alone is the mark of a timeless brand.

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