Kathmandu’s Mosaic Adventure is helping trekking lovers to reclaim nature

Kathmandu, Nepal —

Kathmandu based trekking operator, Mosaic Adventure is gaining popularity among trekking lovers from all across the globe for its tailor-made trekking trips. The operator has been serving thousands of trekkers from a decade and helping them enjoy the untouched nature at all new heights.

With a decades-old experience in serving trekking lovers, the operator has some of the best offerings in the whole of Kathmandu like Everest Base Camp Trek; Poon Hill Trek; Mardi Himal Trek; Manaslu Circuit Trek; Annapurna Base Camp Trek and Langtang Valley Trek.

Among all its trekking trips, what has set the operator apart from the rest is the combo of Everest Base Camp Trek and Poon Hill Trek.

“Trekking lovers, who want to explore untouched nature at unimaginable heights, need no introduction of Mosaic Adventure. Their trekking trips are always full of adventure and fun,” says Vinod, a trekker from India.

People whose trips have been organized by the company are all praise for Everest Base Camp Trek in particular.

Kathmandu's Mosaic Adventure is helping trekking lovers to reclaim nature - Digpu
A still from Annapurna Base Camp Trek (Credits: Mosaic Adventure )

Piyush, who is an avid hiking lover, says about his Everest Base Camp Trek, “Away from the hustle and bustle of city life and the daily chores, I find mountains magical and motivating. Trekking with Mosaic Adventure is even more fun as it gives me peace of mind. They have everything covered when it comes to planning a good trekking journey.”

Trekking in Kathmandu is even more exciting, given the lush green surroundings and some of the highest mountain ranges. The combo of Everest Base Camp Trek and Poon Hill Trek has been tailored as per the two prominent factors which not only facilitate a good trekking experience but also let the trekkers explore the nature in a lot more intimately soulful environments.

Pertinently, with the awareness created by various communities, tour organisers, social groups and even amongst friends, a lot more women are also taking a keen interest in hiking even if it is a day trek of smaller altitudes.

“Women trekkers rate safety as the key issue when thinking of a day-out. To be on the safer side, many women trekkers like to trek in a group with family and friends while others want to travel through an organised tour operator. A very small percentage want to travel with only women groups or solo,” says Rajendra Sapkota, Managing Director of the Mosaic Adventure.

He adds, “We have the knowledge, expertise and understanding of all such things that trekkers especially women take so seriously. Therefore, we have all the requisite support in place to make the trekking experience of our clients ever so wonderful.”

For those who want to start trekking, it is always advisable to start their first trek with small altitudes/day treks, and then move on 2-3 days of medium difficulty level treks and finally to 5-7 days of high altitude treks. This is the normal pattern observed and recommended. And, Mosaic Adventure has some of the best guides who never shy away from sharing their advice when it comes to difficult phases during a trek.

Even though Mosaic Adventure is a reputed trekking operator, the company just doesn’t want anyone thinking about going on a trek to drop his plans. For that, they offer facilities ranging from rustic and low budget to comfortable stay with porters etc. They make sure the experience of trekking will not differ in any case.

Although a new-age trekker is well-read and very clear about the kind of trek they want to undertake and look out for trek companies for different levels of difficulty before going even for a day trek, they do, however, take referrals from family and friends.

“The best thing about our company is the fact that most of our clientele is introduced to us through their families and friends. And, we take pride in this very fact,” added Mr Sapkota.

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