Scaler Academy Announces Diversity Program of INR 1 Crore to empower women in tech

This International Women’s Day, Scaler, a rising Edtech startup, readies itself for an actionable initiative towards honouring women in STEM

Scaler is known for producing quality software engineers. It hosts a diverse range of courses and connects learners with best-in-class teachers and educationists.

With women occupying only a small share (26% according to sources) of the software engineering workforce, Scaler aims to support their journey and increase their participation and bring about gender parity. At the same time, the startup also plans to address the trends of decreasing participation and low attrition rates registered for women employees.

With this two-fold aim, Scaler has recently launched the Scaler Include program right in time to celebrate Women’s Day with actions and not just words. 

How does Will Scaler include Help Women Software Engineers?

“Women are often not encouraged to be as ambitious as their male counterparts because of an added, unfair expectation to get married quickly, start a family or tend to elders,” says Abhimanyu Saxena, Co-Founder, Scaler.

Scaler is here to destroy this misconception.

Scaler Include is a merit-based scholarship program aimed to enhance workforce diversity. Female learners can enrol in discounted Scaler programs, coding contests, and other such events to avail themselves of a gamut of benefits under the Scaler Include scheme. The startup will be collaborating with some of the best tech players in the industry. The event will also witness some of the top leaders of female-led businesses as keynote speakers. 

To facilitate the Scaler Include program, the startup has set aside a sizeable fund of INR 1 crore of capital spending. This amount will support nearly 1000 women, who will be given a merit-based scholarship to the Scaler Academy.

Scaler Include is a mid-career professional capacity-building program with the mission to boost a software engineer’s career. Eligible women will be subject to a nine-month-long structured and flexible guided learning course that will make them assets to every associated organization.

The Scaler Academy curriculum covers everything, from the basics of programming to specialization in full-stack and back-end development. The learners will get the unique opportunity to engage with developers from leading organizations, like Facebook,, and Hotstar. In addition to the live and online classes, women can also benefit from the video-based mentorship program and one-on-one interactions. Finally, they can practice their skills and learnings through test series and mock interviews.

Course Pause Feature

To grant greater flexibility in the course schedule, Scaler offers a “Course Pause” feature that is a first of its kind in the industry. Women can pause the course in the Scaler Academy package and resume it at no extra cost. Scaler hopes that the self-paced learning module will lay the foundation for a balanced tech workforce with equitable representation for all.


The Scaler Include program will kick off with an exciting CodeX-For-Her contest. This exclusive competition will allow women to show off their coding skills, bag exciting prizes, and network with their peers. The contest will run for two days in March 2021 and shall allow all women software engineers employed in product-based or service tech companies to participate. Apart from individuals, companies can also enrol their workforce for Scaler Include, and by extension, the CodeX-For-Her, program.

More Socially-Focused Integrations in the Pipeline

Scaler Include is just the starting point for the startup’s socially aware initiative. In addition to uplifting women, the edutech company also plans to build a more inclusive work environment in the future. Scaler also plans to extend upskilling and career-building programs for other underrepresented communities, such as people with special needs and the LGBTQIA+ community.

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