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Transgender woman starts cafe in Noida

Urooz Hussain, a transgender woman, has started a cafe at Sector 119, Noida, hopes to inspire others from ‘community’

Urooz Hussain, a transgender woman, has started a café at Sector 119, Noida and hopes that this will inspire others from her “community.”

“I was subjected to harassment at my workplaces so I decided to start my own café that treats everyone equally. I hope this will inspire others from my community,” Hussain told ANI. “People accepted me here, they showered love on me,” she added.

Hussain did hospitality, industrial training, and multiple jobs before she finally became her own boss. “The café is harassment-free for all genders, they don’t have to face what I have been through. It is to make my parents proud for having me,” Hussain said.

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However, a few challenges are still there. “We face issues when we hire people for the café. I knew that if I lose courage, I will break and I did not want to break,” Hussain said.

Hussain also helped sex workers, their children in COVID-19 lockdown. At the same time, Urooz’s café ‘street temptations’ at Sector 119 serves Indian-Chinese food. 

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