Venteskraft Platinum Membership Provides Practical Training To Stock Market Traders

Venteskraft was cofounded by Mahin BS and Rahul Rajeev, started out in 2014 as a stock market training and mentorship agency, has now over 30,000+ clients in 12 countries.

The platinum membership offered by the new age company, Venteskraft Global has recently been seeing a large increase in bookings in recent times, despite the ongoing pandemic. It is a fully practical program, says the cofounder, as they revolutionise stock market training and mentorship.

Venteskraft was cofounded by Mahin BS and Rahul Rajeev, started out in 2014 as a stock market training and mentorship agency, has now seen immense growth, expanding from their base in India to Malaysia, with over 30,000+ clients in 12 countries. Their sister venture, Venteskraft Media has also been taking spotlight recently as they have helped more than 100 companies who are experts in business development.

The platinum membership, which is one of Venteskraft’s many programs in stock market trading has been becoming extremely popular amongst youngsters, especially during this current crisis. In a time of distrust in such institutions, especially with the ‘call’ scheme that many agencies to provide advice on trading, the membership, has a unique appeal, with the co-founders who are expert traders themselves, involving with the students themselves, providing them with much needed practical training in the stock market and also providing in-depth analysis of the markets to gain impressive accuracy in trades, proving that stock market isn’t a game of luck.

Venteskraft has always focused on 100% practical knowledge because the founders believe that is the only way to master in stock market trading, as a lot of time, money and effort is wasted in learning theories and then applying them. The strategies used by the company were derived by the founders themselves after years of trial and error. Therefore, these programs by Venteskraft aim to eliminate any kind of rookie mistakes made by traders and not lose a whole lot of money to the stock market, before they can make anything from it.

Finance News Digpu - Venteskraft Platinum Membership Provides Extensive Practical Training To Stock Market Traders

They are quite stringent with their rules and working of their membership, which has led to them seeing rather high accuracy rates as compared to other firms. The company uses live online teaching methods for this membership, with daily post-market sessions and market analysis, which the students can pick up from the comfort of their home and especially convenient timings for working-class individuals.

Mahin and Rahul make sure they dedicate ample time to each of their social media handles – Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, where they have developed a strong community of traders. Their youtube channel Venteskraft Global has tons of educational videos and feedback from the other traders who have learnt the tricks of the trade with Venteskraft.

The platinum membership, which has new batches running every month has already booked the slots till the month of April. There has been no further update of the availability of slots so far.

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