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A Business Opportunity for Online News Channels & News Mobile Applications

PR Distribution

Being an online news channel you must be dealing with several corporates, SME companies who want to showcase their company/brand/product news on top online channels in India or abroad. Now, you can get their PRs distributed via Digpu.

PR Publication

Publish press releases on your online news channels and mobile applications and earn revenue on every publication. 
Press Releases will be provided by Digpu on a daily basis from all across the nation. 


Do you own an online news channel and want to increase your revenue through advertisements?
No matter whether you are eligible for Google AdSense Policy or not, you will get regular ads directly from our  1000+ clients. 

Add Revenue to your news channel


PR (Press Release) Distribution

Being an online news channel, you can convert your existing and new clients for publishing their brand/company news on top online news channels in India & abroad. Being our partner, you earn on every PR news published in India & Abroad. Being our distributor, you will get the best pricing in the market. You can earn a handsome amount on every reference. Not only this you can give a minimum publication guarantee to your clients. 

PR Publication

Become a part of the Global News Distribution Channel. Every corporate, SME and startups want to publish their brand, company or event news on news channels. There are more than 6000+ online news channels in the USA that are earning through press releases publications. India is increasing its digital industry and online PR is one of the best digital marketing activity as it gives instant results. Digpu will send you Press Release and you can earn on every publication. 

Earn through Advertisement

Earn more by showcasing sponsored advertisement on your news portal, now Google Adsense Policies won’t hamper your revenue. Maybe your news channel is not eligible under Google AdSense Policies, no worries Digpu will help you to earn those extra perks by showcasing ads on your online news channel and mobile application. You will earn on impressions as well as CPC (Cost per Click) basis. Digpu payouts are much higher and streamlined as compared to Google AdSense or any other advertisement company. 

It is a lifetime business opportunity for all big & small online news channels. There is No Initial Investment Required. News Channels in any language showcasing any category of news can apply. 

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No news agency can beat our prices, we are the most efficient and reasonable PR distribution company in India. Apart from best pricing, we offer a minimum publication guarantee to all our clients. 

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