Dr Varun Gupta Envisions Education To Be The World’s Biggest Revolution

H.E. Dr Varun Gupta, an educationist and a serial entrepreneur, poised to leverage his educational qualification and experience towards steering a successful career in the field of education and entrepreneurship has been offering immense value to the world by working towards positioning education as the biggest global changemaker.

Dr Varun Gupta is currently the Executive VP at On Sky Global and CEO at Cambridge Career College, both institutions engaged in imparting skill-based job-oriented career programs in various capacities. In Sept 2018, he was awarded an Honorary PhD Degree awarded by IIC University from Sri Lanka Hon’ble Higher Education Commissioner, Ministry of Education, Vocational & Technical Education.

Apart from his extensive experience and professionalism gained in his career spanning over the past decade, there’s more to Dr Varun’s personality. He has touched upon the lives of more than 2,00,000 people and has travelled to more than 50 countries to spread the light of guidance in areas like education, skills training, public administration, good governance and leadership by conducting workshops & seminars.

Dr Varun Gupta has helped thousands of youth across countries and continents to steer ahead in their life with a stable career. He has been instrumental in bringing numerous positive & impactful changes in the domains he worked with. He is also a pioneer in imparting counselling & career guidance sessions for emotionally disturbed students or even adults.

Dr Varun Gupta Envisions Education To Be The World’s Biggest Revolution - Digpu
Dr Varun Gupta being conferred with the ‘Shiksha Gaurav Puraskar’

Speaking of his journey, Dr Varun says, “In May 2014, I volunteered to go to East Africa to help a new University and agreed to hold the post as Director and later a year, promoted as the principal administrative officer of the University. When I was in Africa, I used Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and communicated to all stakeholders online. My efforts in Africa were fueled by my belief that education is the biggest force which will help us to build the world we want to live in.”

Dr Varun Gupta serves on board of one dozen global firms in the academic sector and collaborated for years with many international educational organizations to develop specialized programs being run for the uplifting of the African people. He has distinguished himself with the pedestals of rich academic and professional experience and a young budding intellectual scholar in the education service industry.

On his dedication towards education, Dr Varun Gupta says, “During my time at MBA, I took a specialized training on handling emotionally disturbed students, counselling, and outdoor programs I also served as an adviser and counsellor for college or university-bound students.”

His expertise revolves around the tasks related to but not limited to setting up university campuses and expand academic business at an international level in the USA, Africa and other Asian countries. He is an expert in establishing strategic partnerships between G2G, B2B, B2G and B2C. He has received innumerable accolades for his contribution to the field of education and the society at large.

Dr Varun Gupta has been chosen as the ‘Peace Ambassador of the Year 2019’ to promote UNSDG 2030 in the world and as Centre for Peace Studies Official Permanent Representative. Among other accolades, he has been conferred with the title ‘Education Advisor to the State of African Diaspora’ and ‘Global Young Eduprenuer 2020’ by George Washington University of Peace.

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