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Swag Di Sawari Fame Mayank Shekhar Fame Talks About His Acting Journey

After delivering a brilliant and successful music video titled ‘Swag Di Sawari’, Actor Thakur Mayank Shekhar is all set to take off his acting career with a show lined up for launch on Netflix in 2020.

The self-made man, as he likes to call himself, Mayank Shekhar has delivered gripping performances on the small screen that has left the audience charmed and asking for more.

Thakur Mayank Shekhar garnered relentless attention from the audience and shot to fame after the recent release of his music video ‘Swag di Sawari’, wherein he starred opposite the Tik-Tok star Riya Kishanchandani. The peppy party number was composed and sung by Tirtharaj Gandhavi, produced by Shashank Thakur while Gaurav Meena rapped for the song.

Swag Di Sawari (Official Video)

Commenting on the success of the music video and expressing his excitement for the upcoming project, Mayank Shekhar said, “For as long as I can remember, acting has never been a dream for me, it has been an obsession. I’ve always been more inclined to be the hero, a good one. According to me, the best part about being an actor is that I get to be someone else, with a different soul. And I think that’s a beautiful thing to be.”

Thakur Mayank Shekhar believes that becoming an actor is also about having a distinct voice. He aims to be successful on his merit and set an example for people about reaping the fruits of hard work. With utmost dedication and sincerity, Mayank has won the audience over with his appealing looks, charming personality and brilliant performances, and promises to do so in the upcoming projects.

Waiting for a role that has the potential to bring out the best in him

Since for the young actor, pursuing acting has been a matter of passion and love, he first caught the eye of the audience in his compelling performance on ‘Return of School Days on Zoom channel, where he played the role of Abhishek Mukherjee. Following this, he did several successful print campaigns for premium brands like Reebok, Casio Men’s Watch and the likes. Talented Mayank Thakur also confesses that although he finds it easy to slip into any character’s shoes, he always waits for a role that has the potential to bring out the best in him and pushes him beyond his abilities.

With such appealing performances to his credit, Thakur Mayank Shekhar is sure to impress the audience all over again with his upcoming Web series on Netflix, set to launch in 2020.

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