The Story Of Entrepreneurs Piyush Dimri And Akash Singh

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Piyush Dimri And Akash Singh, Founders, Launchigo Media

From being entrepreneurs to reputed businessmen at Launchigo, their journey has been nothing short of a roller-coaster ride.

We all have heard about the stories of friends like Bill Gates and Paul Allen, Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal who end-up founding huge companies like Microsoft and Flipkart, respectively. This is a similar story in the making. It is about two friends, Piyush Dimri and Akash Singh, who at a very young age became entrepreneurs and started their venture Launchigo Media Private Limited together which is now worth million dollars.

Piyush and Akash were born in different cities. While Akash completed his graduation, Piyush Dimri dropped out of college. Friends since a very young age, they began sharing their ideas with each other. Eventually, the ideas became the pillars of their discussion about their startup and they started Launchigo Media.

Like every other entrepreneur, Piyush and Akash had to face many ups and downs in their journey. There were times when they felt like giving up but they kept on going holding each other’s back.

Launchigo Media, a Lucknow based startup, was started in 2018. The company provides digital marketing and performance marketing solutions. They did bootstrap and never took a single penny or funding from outside. With their hard work and dedication, in around two years, just at the age of 22, they build their company at such a level that it is now worth millions of dollars.

From being entrepreneurs to becoming two reputed businessmen, their journey has been nothing short of a roller-coaster ride. They kept going and following their passion.

Launchigo Media Private provides several other services such as Advertising, Lead generation for firms and the creation of multimedia presentations. Piyush Dimri and Akash Singh aim to take their company to the next level by providing best services. They further plan to expand their services to India and also around the world.

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