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Ashan Kansal – The Child Prodigy with amazing memory appreciated under India Book Of Records 2022

Ashan Kansal recalled digits of Euler’s number up to 2000 decimal places in 16 minutes and received appreciation under India Book of Records 2022.

Ashan Kansal is a child prodigy with an amazing memory. He may be a slow learner, however, since childhood, he could remember random numbers with ease. At age of 11 years, he remembered phone numbers of over 300 relatives and family friends.

At the age of 14 years, Ashan Kansal could record a list of 400 contacts with their phone numbers and vice-versa. He could also recall the serial number in the list of a name or contact number means he remembered all cells individually in the matrix [400 x 3].

Recalled Pi Upto 1000 Decimal Places

Watch Ashan recollecting the phone number of 300 contacts in a video. He could recall a single 75 digit number by remembering for just half an hour or so. Ashan Kansal could also recall many songs by hearing just 2-3 seconds of initial notes.

At the age of 14 years, he could recall Pi number up to 1000 decimal places in a similar manner i.e. he could recall a number from any cell if we place the pi decimal numbers in a matrix (of 20 rows of 10 sets of 5 numbers) like sixteenth-row third set or seventh set of all rows.

Ashan Kansal learnt languages and numbers quickly

Son of a central government officer, Ashan has lived in many states of India and learnt local languages in some of them like Karnataka and Assam. The child prodigy also appeared in TV shows while the family lived in Guwahati.

Thereafter after his father’s posting in Delhi in 2013, he joined Air Force Golden Jubilee Institute, Subroto Park, New Delhi and has won so many awards in the Special Wing of the institute. Ashan completed his 10th and 12th exams from NIOS while he kept on memorising numbers.

Recently, he recalled digits of Euler’s number up to 2000 decimal places in 16 minutes. This feat was confirmed on 23 Nov 2020 and he received ‘Appreciation’ under India Book of Records 2022.

Record Title And Description: Appreciation

Ashan Kansal of Delhi Cantt., Delhi, is appreciated for recalling the digits of Euler’s number up to 2000 decimal places. He recalled e-value up to 2000 digits in 16 minutes, as confirmed on November 23, 2020. His target is to enter his name in Guinness Book of World Records and with his hard work and dedication, he is sure to achieve this.

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