ClickOnCare: Serving the Customers with Niche Cosma, Derma & Nutra Segment since 2014

ClickOnCare: Serving the Customers with Niche Cosma, Derma & Nutra Segment since 2014

Akshat Malik, CEO& Director, ClickOnCare

New Delhi, December 6, 2019, India–

Trusted by hundreds of Doctors and Celebrities, it is the single largest Online Skin, Hair & Nutrition Store servicing domestic and international markets with 5000+ active products.

Health is wealth. Some clichés do have the power of time travel. They make sense anytime, anywhere. The newer fitter India is hooked on to the idea of being healthier. Good looks come as a by-product of it.

With the Health and Beauty market constantly evolving, India’s per capita spend on beauty and personal care is growing in line with its GDP. Five major categories – face care, hair care, hand care and color cosmetics, specialty brands face a stiff competition from the Indian beauty and personal care (BPC) industry which is estimated to be worth USD 25 Billion.

L to R(Standing) – Rakesh Kumar, Alan Miller, Prateek Banerjee & (Sitting) Akshat Malik

With International Brands too entering the market, Domestic Specialty brands face the challenge of reach. Mass shelving a product is not sufficient anymore; knowledge sharing is inevitable.

The focus at is on making the customer well by making him well-informed. “This was our belief and I believe that’s what has worked for us” says Akshat Malik, Founder & Managing Director at

Akshat is a man of few words and a lot of action. An avid golfer, a national level shooter and a HAM radio enthusiast. Akshat has been transforming the Cosmeceutical, Dermaceuticals & Nutraceutical online business enhancing the reach of the pharma industry.

In line with its brand mantra of delivering health and wellness with care for all, enables international orders for a seamless shopping experience of skin and hair care products for customers across the globe.

In times when global warming, increasing pollution, scarcity of resources is leading us into a world where living well will become a product of necessity rather than luxury, is it safe to assume that self-care products and self-care brands are here to rule rather than stay? Only time will reveal the, truth. Till then let’s assume the same to be true.

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