Self-transformation will lead to Self-Reliance says Dr Meenaa Mahaajjan

The new initiative Project HOPE (Help Other People Eat) by Meenaa Mahaajjan is directed to serve food for just five rupees.

Siddhi Foundation, a charitable Non-Profit Organization led by Meenaa Mahaajjan is devoted towards creating a progressive society and prosperous nation. All social initiatives under the leadership of Meenaa Mahaajjan are designed to empower the youth. If the youth of our country realises the responsibility of being aligned to a higher purpose our country will have a different face, she says. Initiatives in the past have been instrumental in transformation at different levels. She keeps the United Nations sustainable development goals in mind for each initiative.

Big campaigns on the environment, women health and hygiene, educating the girl child, gender equality and sustainable living, lectures on holistic wellbeing, fighting the pandemic by seeing the frontliners and people in need. Her list of work is endless and has been widely appreciated and rewarded too. Her persona and dedication to her work are that of how we see the women of India be fearless and influential leaders. Her idea of green food carts is a big step towards Atmanirbhar Bharat. 

The new initiative Project HOPE (Help Other People Eat) is directed to serve food for just Rs 5 in plates made of leaves by women from villages to bridge urban and rural communities making a smooth supply chain. Thousands of selfless volunteers serve in the organisation as they understand the need for inclusion.

Self-transformation will lead to Self-Reliance says Dr Meenaa Mahaajjan - Digpu News

In this pandemic situation, the foundation has emerged as a big hope for the people in need. Maintaining absolute hygiene and nutrition is the primary motto of the Project HOPE by Siddhi Foundation. A firm believer in the vision of Prime Minister Shri Narender Modi, Meenaa Mahaajjan desires to build a healthy and progressive India through her organization.

Meena Mahajan, a spiritual teacher and Founder of Siddhi Foundation said, “It is our first endeavour as an organization devoted towards generating employment opportunities and providing food to the village migrants to create a better and self-reliant India.”

India can be truly Atma Nirbhar if we empower the rural communities and look at holistic growth. Let’s not forget the world pre- COVID and post -COVID is different. Let’s understand the difference and prepare for a stronger and healthier nation.

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