Nepali Students Seek Evacuation From China Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Amid coronavirus outbreak, family members of the Nepali students studying in China are urging the Nepal government for evacuating their wards stuck in the Hubei province.

Parents of Nepali students residing in China are running from pillar to post and knocking the doors of government offices and ministries for the safe return of their family members.

“Where to go? Which is the designated high body? Please tell me when the evacuation will be done,” said Basanta Bhandari.

Nepal Embassy in China had collected applications, processed it and published the names of applicants but the delay in evacuation due to Coronavirus and resilience has increased fear amongst parents.

“The Chinese government is not able to contain the Coronavirus. It is increasing day by day,” said Bhandari.

“Our Ministry alone is not capable, we don’t have that much capacity, we don’t have the aircrafts, places to keep people,” said Mahendra Shrestha, one of the Spokesperson at the Ministry of Health and Population, Nepal.

“We only take responsibility for those who are infected. If some infected person comes then we will take care and those who come here from China will be tested for the virus,” said Shrestha.

Health Ministry of Nepal last Sunday had said that three or four days will be required to prepare the infrastructure for evacuees from China but no progress has been achieved so far.

Meanwhile, several countries including India, the United States, and Australia have evacuated their citizens from China due to the Coronavirus crisis.

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