Kerala nurse lauded for vaccinating 893 people in less than 8 hours

Kerala Health Minister calls upon Junior Health Nurse Pushpalatha to convey appreciation

This is the story of Pushpalatha, a junior public health nurse at the Department of Health in Kerala. What is that makes her story unique, one might wonder! The nurse’s dedication is now the talking point in in Kerala’s public domain.

Pushpalatha is witnessing her name travel to the headline space, thanks to her feat of vaccinating as many as 893 people in just seven-and-a-half hours. Pushpalatha’s contribution isn’t small considering the overwhelming number of people seeking vaccination at government-run public health centers and vaccination spots.

As Pushpalatha’s story began being spoken about across Kerala, the state’s Minister for Health Veena George came calling on her to congratulate her for the work she has done. Pushpalatha, who has been striving to bring to the people all health services her job would want her to do at the Government District Hospital in Chengannoor, was able to inoculate 893 people who queued up for the Covid-19 vaccine in just under 8 hours. No simple feat, this!

Kerala Health Minister Veena George with Pushpalatha

The Health Minister, who visited her this afternoon at the hospital in Chengannoor, applauded Pushpalatha’s work by draping a shawl around her and conveying the government’s appreciation for her commitment towards her work.  Chengannoor is a municipality in the Alappuzha district of Kerala , and is located in the extreme eastern part of the district, on the banks of Pamba River.

Speaking after lauding Pushpalatha for her work at a time when healthworkers’ efforts are seen as utmostly significant, Veena George said that the junior public health nurse represents the unseen, unspoken about health staff who have been striving all day and night towards ensuring safe healthcare to fellow citizens.

Pushpalatha, who had strived hard to land the job of a government health worker, got her appointment after she finished her nursing studies some time ago. Her husband, who is a musician, has always been a source of support to her as she went about doing her job in the best possible way, Pushpalatha told the minister.

Apart from providing vaccination, Pushpalatha is also involved in carrying out ward-level health needs of the general public. And, she believes her success could not have come without the backing of her team mates Vineeth, Sreeraj, Sridevi, Ramya, Animol and others.

On receiving the Minister’s appreciation, Pushpalatha was left misty eyed, and thanked the Lord Almighty for the applause and appreciation that have come her way.

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