Tantra Treatments And All about Spiritual Bliss

Mumbai, Maharashtra —

AAdi’s Tantra Studio is the first authorised platform for truly talented practitioners for Spiritual treatments in India. Tantra has always been a touch therapy and the meditative sessions with Breathing Exercises and Chakra Practices. Incepted in 2010, AAdi’s Studio started a candid and authentic treatment for all the tantra seekers.

Tantra Treatments are mental wellness program which lies on the principle of Geophysical science of magnetism. According to studies, it has been established that all emotions are controlled by hormones. In Tantra treatments, a therapist touches specific points of your body and arouses your blood pressure to a targeted level and pushes it over to the hormonal release points to regulate it. After each session, effects remain from 6 months to 18 months if taken as per directives and principals.

Tantra aims to use various techniques such as deep breathing, relaxation, connecting exercises to help drop you into reality to truly see, feel and experience the sensation in the body, senses and energy. There are seven main principles within Tantra which Tantric massage aims to incorporate. These principles are Surrender, Awareness, Movement, Breath, Sound, Intention, and Acceptance.

Do You Need Tantra Treatment And Spiritual Healing?

You need Tantra Treatment and healing if-

  1. You sense you are not breathing well and want to find out what is wrong and how to fix it.
  2. You feel exhausted and want a natural way to energize yourself.
  3. You have a lack of focus, have problems with memory or concentration.
  4. You want to remain youthful, rejuvenate, stay healthy, and stave off the oxidative stress of everyday life.
  5. You want to feel more centred, more balanced.
  6. You suffer from symptoms of anxiety or depression.
  7. You lead a stressful life and are worried about the effect of constant stress on your mind and body.
  8. You want to meditate but have failed badly in the past.

Tantra Course – Series Of Sessions And Benefits

Tantra has never been a single session but it is a course which can be completed in a set of 7 sessions. It removes negative energy and fills positive energy in your body, which helps you to see your routine problems as a simple puzzle which you will enjoy solving.

Tantra Treatments And All about Spiritual Bliss - Digpu

Tantra is done through a feathery-light touch which gives you immense pleasure of your body. It activates maximum cells of your body to feel the lavish soul. It has been proved the best naturopathy to heal when all other methods go failed.

1.Mental Wellness –

If you have been feeling unwell lately, Tantra has been proved a quick remedy to be mentally stabilized. AAdi’s experts will treat you accordingly with therapy.

2. Stress Relief –

Consistently high levels of stress can lead to conditions such as hypertension, stroke, diabetes, chronic pain, and heart attacks. AAdi’s experts can neutralize the physical, mental, and emotional symptoms of stress.

3. Spiritual Training –

Spiritual training is the performance of activities undertaken to induce spiritual experiences and cultivating spiritual development. Our experts at AAdi’s Tantra Studio can train you to reach, understand and enhance your spirituality.

4. Chakra Balancing –

Chakra Balancing is the process through which the energy of the chakras is brought to a well-functioning and harmonious state. Your palms have the keys to reflect the universe and its energy. Every pore and cavity have its effects on your mental wellness.

The goal behind all Tantra spiritual practices is to reach a place of balance between spirit, body, earth and health, universality and grounding. Let the Experts at AAdi’s Tantra Studio help you in balancing its effects and working.

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