‘A disaster is impending,’ Congress reacts to BJP’s ‘toolkit’ allegation

“Coronavirus cases and deaths are increasing wildly because the Modi government was busy campaigning instead of controlling the Corona crisis,” Congress says

After many prominent BJP politicians, including Union ministers, posted four pages from the Congress’s letter pad, claiming they were part of a ‘toolkit’ on how Congress leaders might use the Union government’s mismanagement of the pandemic to ‘corner’ PM Narendra Modi, the Congress party has said that a disaster is impending’ as BJP has started to distract the people with its ‘lies & deceit.

Several BJP leaders, including President JP Nadda and Union Minister Smirti Irani, turned to social media on Tuesday, alleging that Congress party was disseminating a ‘toolkit’ containing resource material and tactics to smear PM Modi’s image.

In response, the Congress party criticized the BJP for reportedly disseminating a fake document and referring to it as a “toolkit”.

“When BJP begins to distract India with its lies & deceit, always know that a disaster is impending,” the Congress said, through a tweet on its official handle.

It further stated that the BJP government’s mismanagement at the Centre put India at number one spot, globally, as far as highest number of single-day deaths are concerned. “The toolkit of BJP’s mismanagement is harmful for the country,” it said.

“More of our loved ones are dying today than anywhere else in the world. This is what the BJP wants to distract the nation from. What they don’t realize is – lies & fakery can never erase our pain & suffering,” the Congress party said, while sharing a graphic representation of fastest rising COVID-19 deaths in India when compared globally.

It further added, “Coronavirus cases and deaths are increasing wildly because the Modi government was busy campaigning instead of controlling the Corona crisis.”

While sharing another graphic, depicting the grim state of affairs of rising deaths due to Coronavirus, Congress said, “Falsehood can never cover up failures.”

The party maintains that the only way to save the country from the Corona crisis is to complete the vaccination process at a rapid pace. However, it alleges that due to the ‘festive policy’ of the Modi government, the pace of vaccination in the country has been extremely slow.

“Mass vaccination, not massive propaganda, can stop the virus; if only BJP understood,” Congress said, while sharing a statement of Dr Varsh Padke, Dean KJ Somaiya Hospital & Research Centre, Mumbai.

Dr Varsha had said, “Scientists and public health experts believe that herd immunity is impossible because the virus is changing too quickly. New variants are spreading fast. We have to do mass vaccination as early as possible.”

The party also came down heavily on Home Minister Amit Shah, stating that he was indifferent towards the perilous situation that the country was facing.

“Want to understand how India got to this perilous position: just gauge our Home Minister’s incongruous indifference,” it said while pointing out that the Home Minister had tweeted just once from May 1 to May 14 about the emerging COVID-19 crises in the country.

Pertinently, with 4,529 Covid patients dying in the last 24 hours, India set a new grim world record, surpassing the highest single-day mortality recorded by the United States in January (4,475). India’s overall case count increased to 2.54 crore with the addition of 2.67 lakh additional cases.

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