Atom Bombs For Tomatoes In Tomato Tamasha In Pakistan: Pakistani Journalist Qaiser Khokhar’s TAUBA- TAUBA video goes viral  

A Pakistani journalist recently went on a rant on a news channel to criticise India for threatening to ban the export of tomatoes to Pakistan. And now, his rant has become source for ‘Tauba Tauba’ memes.

India, February 26, 2019 —

After the Pulwama attack on a Central Reserve Police Force convoy, India decided to revoke the most favoured nation status given to Pakistan. The Indian government has also increased the import tax on products of Pakistan to 200%. In Karnataka also the farmers are showing solidarity with the nation by not exporting the tomatoes to the neighbouring enemy.

The farmers of the district were exporting around 200 tons of tomato to Pakistan for many years. However, for days, no tomatoes are exported to Pakistan from India, especially from Kolar. Because of this Pakistan, is facing a shortage of tomatoes.

All Export Of Fruits And Vegetables To Pakistan Has Stopped After The Pulwama Attack

After the Pulwama attack, India has stopped the export of all kinds of fruits and vegetables to Pakistan. Srinivas, a vegetable vendor of the main market of the district says, “Even if we incur some losses, we do not mind. We will not sell even rotten tomatoes to them for any reason.”

Due to the inclement weather, the rate of vegetables has skyrocketed in India itself. The agriculture produce market of the district has the pride of being the second largest market in Asia. The tomatoes of Kolar are exported to other states of the country and to foreign counties like Afghanistan and Japan. However, after the Pulwama attack, things have changed when it comes to exporting fruits and vegetables to Pakistan.

Tomatoes are being grown over an area of 1500 hectares in the district. So this district is considered as the main supplier of tomatoes. The farmers, vendors and wholesale businessmen have taken a unilateral decision not to export tomatoes to Pakistan.

Tomato Tamasha By Pakistani Media

Leaving aside all matters of precedence, Pakistani Media is going gaga over their tomato tragedy following the ban on export of fruits and vegetables to Pakistan. Even after hours of the airstrikes on Pakistan terror camps, the Pakistani News Channels kept on ranting about how they are finding alternatives to making gravy in their food without tomatoes.

One such video went viral with the hashtag #Taubatauba  😁 😂 🤣 😅 😆😬

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