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Government’s silence is a sign of some planning against farmers’ movement: Rakesh Tikait

While govt had several round of negotiations with the farmer unions, he said, the government would have brought a proposal to talk again.

Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU) leader, Rakesh Tikait has alleged that the ‘silence’ of the Central government for the past two weeks is a hint that the government is planning some steps against the farmers’ ongoing movement against three new Central farm laws.

When the round of negotiations between the government and the farmer unions came to an end, he said, the government would have brought a proposal to talk again.

“The 15-day silence of the Central government is indicating that something is going to happen,” BKU spokesperson, Rakesh Tikait told reporters in Afzalgarh, Bijnor on Sunday night while going to Udham Singh Nagar in Uttarakhand.

“The government is planning to take some steps against the movement,” Tikait said, adding, “The farmers will not go back until a solution is found. The farmers are ready to look at farming and also to keep protesting. Let the government hold talks when it has the time.”

Tikait said that by March 24, ‘Mahapanchayats’ will be held in many places in the country.

BKU had released the list of ‘Mahapanchayats’ to be held from February 28 to March 22 in various parts of the country. Rakesh Tikait will be attending all the ‘Mahapanchayats’.

When asked about the uproar in the Red Fort campus during the farmers’ demonstration on Republic Day, he alleged that ‘the government created all this trouble.’

On the question of farmers destroying their standing crop in different places with regard to the three agricultural laws, Tikait said, “BKU is telling the farmers that such a time has not come yet but the government is not trying to stop the farmers from taking such a step. Why is no one appealing?”

While hinting at intensifying of the farmers’ movement at the district level in Uttar Pradesh, Tikait said if the wheat crop is not sold on the minimum support price (MSP) in UP, they will hold dharnas outside district headquarters across the State.

It is in place to mention that Rakesh Tikait had on February 25, 2021, during Bharatiya Kisan Union’s grand farmers’ meeting at Munderwa in Basti district of Uttar Pradesh, said, “These are testing times. No one knows what will happen tomorrow. The government’s policy is absolutely wrong. Anything can happen to anyone, any charges can be levelled against anyone. But we must maintain peace and keep moving forward… Even after three months, the farmers’ morale is still high and further getting a boost. Farmers from all over India are looking up to our organization.”

Tikait had urged the farmers to sever all ties with BJP legislators and not to invite them to any events. He even regretted extending support to the BJP by calling it his biggest mistake.

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