J&K United Kisan Front Chairman detained for alleged role in violent protests during farmers’ tractor rally

The detention spree continues however this is the first detention from J&K in connection with the farmer’s protest.

Srinagar, J&K

Chairman of the J&K United Kisan Front, Mohinder Singh, was arrested on Monday night for his alleged involvement in violent protests that erupted in Delhi on Republic Day during the farmers’ tractor rally against the new farm laws enacted in September 2020 with little public or parliamentary debate.

There have been many arrests prior to the detention of Mohinder but this is the first detention from Jammu and Kashmir in connection with the violent protests that rocked Delhi on January 26. The protests disrupted the peaceful tractor parade announced by the Farmer Leaders in Delhi.

Family members of Mohinder said that he was called by SP South at Gandhi Nagar police station from his residence at Chatha on the outskirts of Jammu city during the day. However, as he did not return home, one of the family members went to Gandhi Nagar police station only to be informed that he has been arrested by a police party from Delhi, as per reports.

As the family members started agitating over the police action, Gandhi Nagar SHO Gurnam Singh along with the police party reached there and tried to pacify them.

The SHO told them that they had come with proper documents and the family can resort to legal recourse.

Pertinently, United Kisan Front Chairman Mohinder Singh had been proactive during the ongoing farmers’ movement. However, his family members vouched for his innocence, saying he never visited Red Fort, but was at the Delhi borders.

Interestingly, India’s three new farm laws have attracted enormous global interest. Farmers have been protesting against them and the protest has entered its 90th day.

While Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government described the measures as a gift to farmers, but farmers in several Indian states, led by smallholders in Punjab and Haryana, have refused to accept them. Sustained and highly polarizing protests have followed since the laws were enacted.

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