Kashmiris be skinned alive as they have Pakistani blood in their veins: BJP leader

According to a BJP politician, Kashmiris who cheered Pakistan’s victory over India in the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup should be skinned alive.

Vikram Singh Randhawa, a BJP politician from Jammu, during a public statement on Monday, stated that anyone who cheered Pakistan’s victory over India in the ICC Men’s World Cup 2021 should be skinned alive, their citizenship was taken away, and they should be charged with sedition.

“Agencies should take this matter up and those who have cheered for Pakistan should be acted against by making their degrees invalidated and their citizenship is revoked,” he said in the statement.

‘Kashmiris have Pakistani blood in their veins’

According to Randhawa, Kashmiris have Pakistani blood in their veins, so they should be thrashed and skinned alive for it.

He went on to say, “None of them was happy about Pakistan’s victory against Afghanistan. Did their mother pass away on that particular day? They are only happy because they have defeated the Kaafirs (non-Muslims).”

“They should also recite Nimaaz on WhatsApp since these Katmullas (an insulting term for Muslims) offer divorces on their phones. Why do they occupy public venues for the prayers then?” Randhawa remarked.

India’s defeat against Pakistan in T20 match triggers many controversies

Following India’s defeat in a cricket match, there has been outrage directed at people who have hailed Pakistan’s victory.

After India’s loss to Pakistan, cricketer Mohammad Shami was also attacked online for being a Muslim.

Trolling and insults directed against Shami were also denounced by netizens and Indian cricket players.

After showing support for his Muslim teammate Shami, Indian captain Virat Kohli was mocked and insulted, and his nine-month-old daughter was threatened with rape.

Mehbooba Mufti seeks action against the BJP leader

Meanwhile, Mehbooba Mufti remarked in a tweet that no action has been taken against an ex-BJP MLA who advocates for genocide of Kashmiris and skinning them alive.

Students in J&K, as per the PDP chief, are prosecuted with sedition for simply cheering for the winning side, saying sarcastically that India is without a doubt the mother of all democracies.

Pertinently, in Agra, three Kashmiri students were detained for celebrating Pakistan’s victory. Several Kashmiri students were also reportedly attacked and their rooms looted in Punjab colleges.

J-K Police lodges FIR against BJP leader Randhawa

J-K Police has registered an FIR against Vikram Randhawa under section 295-A / 505 (2) IPC at Police Station Bahu Fort, Jammu for his derogatory remarks.

As per reports reaching here, the politician is likely to be questioned for the controversial comments against Muslim Kashmiris.

BJP demands ex-MLC’s public apology for his ‘hate comments’

Vikram Randhawa has been ordered by the disciplinary committee of the Jammu and Kashmir BJP unit to clarify his stance within 48 hours and to submit a public apology for his “derogatory and hate statements”.

The notice states that this is unacceptable to the party, that it has brought the party into shame and humiliation, and that such behaviour is likely to harm the party’s public image.

Randhawa has also been told not to speak to the media in any way while the charges against him are being investigated. An FIR has been filed against Vikram Randhawa for hate speech.

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