More J-K govt employees likely to be fired due to alleged connection with militancy

Due to their “unauthorized absence,” the School Education Department terminated the services of four teachers on November 23.

Jammu and Kashmir’s intelligence agencies and civil administration are planning to fire at least 47 government employees, including non-performers and those with alleged militant ties.

More than 40 government employees likely to be terminated

According to a Jammu-based Daily, intelligence organizations working on the identification of government officers/officials linked to “militancy or aiding militancy, directly or indirectly” have identified 28 more such staffers who have “doubtful records.”

Nineteen officers/officials are on the civil administration’s radar as “non-performing” but unrelated to militancy, and their records are being investigated in order to take legal action against them, according to the report.

‘Pro-militancy and under-performers not same’

Action in both categories—pro-militancy personnel and under-performers—is likely to be done immediately once the complete material is collected and verified by the legal authorities so that it withstands judicial examination, the article quoted sources as saying.

They further stated that the majority of the officials under investigation for “pro-militancy activities” were from the Kashmir Valley, with a few from the Jammu area.

Intelligence agencies working to collect reports against the ‘pro-militancy’ employees

The Intelligence agencies have extensively gone over the record of the Government officials, including reports against them referring to their direct or indirect involvement in assisting militant operations, the report stated, citing the source. Senior executives will only approve the termination of their employment when they are satisfied with the reports.

Non-performers are not the same as “pro-militancy employees”, according to the paper. These are two separate categories, but in each of them, officers/officials against whom evidence is acquired will be fired from the services.

DSEK terminated many teachers in November

The J-K administration ordered the dismissal of two more teachers from government employment last week, on November 22, for being “unauthorizedly absent” for more than five years.

Officials stated two teachers’ employment had been terminated under Article 113 of the J-K Civil Service Rules (Volume I) of 1956.

The School Education Department terminated the services of four teachers on November 23 due to their “unauthorized absence”.

The employees were reported “absent unauthorizedly” and their services were terminated, according to four different orders issued by the Director of School Education Kashmir (DSEK).

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