Rakesh Tikait tells why there was no chakka jam in UP and Uttarakhand

Farmer leaders had announced Chakka jam to be held across India on 6th February.

The farmer leaders had given a call for Chakka Jam on the 6th February 2020. However, disturbances were anticipated after what happened on the 26th January this year in the Farmers’ Tractor Parade.

The Chakka Jam, a nationwide blockade of national and state highways was held peacefully today amid a high alert in New Delhi. Farmers protested against the 3 Farm laws by blocking highways across north India, including the Eastern Peripheral Expressway around Delhi.

Yesterday Farmer leader Rakesh Tikait announced that farmers from Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh will not be taking part in the Chakka Jam. On asking, he gave several reasons, including putting the farmers from UP and Uttarakhand on standby, just in case something untoward happens.

Today, after the Chakka Jam was carried out peacefully, Rakesh Tikait finally revealed why farmers from UP and Uttarakhand farmers were not a part of the Farmers Chakka Jam.

In a discussion, Rakesh Tikait spoke about apprehensions of mischief in Uttarakhand and UP. He said that their sources had confirmed that some miscreants had planned to destroy vehicles with Farmers Union flags, thereby defeating the purpose of a peaceful Chakka Jam across India.

The Farmers protest started after the Indian Government passed the Indian agriculture acts of 2020, referred to as three controversial farm laws.

Farmer Leader Rakesh Tikait has been very vocal about his stance. He said, ” The farmers will return home only after the repeal of Farm Laws and after the MSP is regulated by a law.” His emotional outburst fueled the Farmers’ protest a few days ago.

The farmers’ protest has left netizens divided. While people across the world are speaking up in support of farmers, the government and farmers . To add insult to injury, there are several instances of silencing the voices of the common people, including arresting independent journalists who are reporting from ground zero.

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