Swift Rescue Operation was carried out at Lakshadweep Island

Coast Guard Ship Sujeet rescued seven crew members of MSV Messiah which sank on Friday morning off Kalpeni in Lakshadweep Group of Islands.

The vessel sailed from Tuticorin on 19 January, carrying cargo for Kavaratti, according to an official release.
However, flooding started onboard vessel at about 5 am on Friday and it started sinking while the vessel was off Kalpeni Island. The crew member was able to give a call to the owner at Tuticorin who alerted the port control stating that the vessel will enter for shelter.

However, when the vessel did not enter the Kalpeni port of Lakshadweep, the port control alerted the ICG at around 11.30 am. ICG Ship patrolling in the area was diverted and an aircraft was launched from Kochi. An interceptor boat also sailed from Kavaratti for locating the distressed vessel.

Swift Rescue Operation was carried out at Lakshadweep Island - Digpu

The Coast Guard Dornier sighted the crew of MSV Messiah floating in a partially submerged lifeboat around 30 nautical miles southwest of Kalpeni island. The ship was vectored towards the lifeboat and despite strong winds and adverse weather, all the crew was picked up safely.

The crew later said that their vessel MSV Messiah sunk at around 9 am and since then they were floating in lifeboat praying to be rescued. All personnel rescued are safe on board the Coast Guard ship and will be disembarked at Kavaratti on Saturday morning.

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