TMC alleges BJP cut off power supply to disrupt Tripura’s joining event, BJP denies

While TMC alleges that BJP has switched off the power supply of the venue, BJP says that people of Tripura doesn’t want a ‘terrorist party’ like Trinamool

Kolkata, 4 September 2021: As the days pass, the fight between Trinamool Congress and BJP intensifies in Tripura, a small state with a sizable Bengali population in Eastern India. Led by Abhishek Banerjee, the TMC campaign in Tripura has been a violent one. Many AITC (All India Trinamool Congress) leaders were reportedly harassed by BJP during their political visits. Some of the youth TMC leaders were even injured in a scuffle between the party and BJP.

Yesterday was no exception. TMC had organized a joining event for 22 leaders to strengthen the party for the 2023 polls. During the event, the party alleged that BJP has intentionally cut the power supply of the venue.

TMC Alleges and BJP denies

After yesterday’s incident, TMC leader and spokesperson Kunal Ghosh said, “Switching lights off by BJP is a childish tactic to misguide people about the strength of TMC. They are doing all these to stop TMC, but people are with Mamata Banerjee.”

Adding on that, he said, “I have even heard that they are trying to copy Didi’s scheme like ‘Didi k bolo’. But these will not help them.” Sushmita Dev has said that BJP has intentionally disturbed the power supply of the venue just 30 minutes before the event. Dev, a former Congress politician, had joined TMC after the Bengal polls in 2021. While speaking to the media after the event, she added, “The joining event was a pre-scheduled event at 11 am. BJP has intentionally distorted the power supply at 10.30 am.”

From the event, she asked people to support TMC and help the party to grow. She said that if TMC comes to power, the people of Tripura will decide the solution to their problems. No other state or city will provide solutions for Tripura’s problems.

Meanwhile, BJP has denied the charges and said that there is no truth in it. “TMC has done similar things in Bengal. We do not need to do such things. People have seen what Mamata Banerjee has done in Bengal, and they do not want the terrorist party in Tripura,” said Priyanka Tibrewal, the vice-president of BJP Yuva Morcha.

TMC’s Win in Tripura will strengthen Mamata’s Image as an opposition leader

Soon after the Bengal elections, TMC decided to increase its footprint. The party was planning to increase its presence in Uttar Pradesh. But the complex mix of religion and caste in UP politics re-routed the TMC plane to Tripura.

Tripura as mentioned above, is a small state in east India with a sizable Bengali population, thus making the job easier for TMC. Tripura’s campaign is minutely handled by Abhishek Banerjee himself. TMC is trying to build its campaign on the purported misgovernance by CM Biplob Kumar Deb and anti-incumbency factors. TMC is also trying to woo the local tribal population.

The party is also trying to break BJP by leveraging on several MLA’s dissatisfactions against the chief minister and making them join TMC. In 2020-21, BJP did the same thing in Bengal. Needless to say, this win will impact Mamata’s image as a strong opposition leader to BJP massively. Not only that, it will increase her political presence in east India. Hence, helping her to realize her dreams to make Trinamool a national party

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