With 200 drones, Road Corporation of Haryana to be formed for improving road connectivity: CM Khattar

CM Khattar revealed Presently, we have around 40 drones with various departments

Manohar Lal Khattar, the chief minister of Haryana, on Thursday announced that the state government was going to establish ‘Road Corporation of Haryana’ to work on the road connectivity within the state, using latest gadgets like drones for surveys.

The chief minister said that the state government had around 40 drones with various government departments and more will be acquired to press 200 drones into service for carrying out aerial surveys for the purpose.

Chief Minister Manohar Lal was speaking during a press conference on the completion of 600 days of the second term of his government.

“The COVID-19 pandemic had disrupted around 400 of these 600 days. Because of the pandemic, our development was slowed, but we continued to make progress. We did the best we could with what we had. Due to the COVID-19, some works came to our notice for the first time,” Khattar stated.

According to Khattar, the first wave of COVID-19 lasted from March to October 2020, while the second wave began in March 2021 and peaked in May. “We were able to apply the lessons we learnt in the first wave to the second phase. The second wave was, however, successfully countered,” he said.

“We continued to take initiative and see it through for the sake of the public, throughout the pandemic. Our first focus has always been to help the underprivileged. It was something that my entire cabinet had been striving for,” he said, adding, “My cabinet had put in twice as much effort as our predecessors. We completed 1200 days of labour in 600 days. Not just our ministers, but also our officials performed an excellent job drafting and implementing government policies.”

Khattar also spoke about his government’s flagship initiative when explaining his government’s progress. “Haryana’s Parivar Pehchan Patra (PPP) is first-of-its-kind. Previously, the Aadhaar card was used to identify a person; today, the PPP is used to identify a family. Many other states are following suit,” he added.

Khattar also noted the ‘farmer-friendly’ programmes that have been implemented. “We introduced several new programmes, like Meri Fasal and Mera Byora, for the benefit of farmers. We attempted to assist farmers in making decisions such as what crop should be sown, how his produce will be sold, how he will obtain a fair price for it, how to care for the farmer in the event of a natural disaster, and so on.”

Speaking about the emerging Covid scenario, the chief minister hoped that the situation was going to improve but asked the people, including the government employees, to be prepared in case the prediction of a third wave proved true.

He also said that the relief announced by the state government for the people who were impacted by the pandemic, was being provided, starting from May.

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