Marijuana set for Uber Eats trip in Ontario; Customer orders to begin soon

Canada had legalised Marijuana use in 2018, and now customers would be able to order their cannabis products on Uber Eats

Canada, as the world is aware, had legalised marijuana in 2018. Food delivery app Uber Eats is now taking it to a new level.

In a few days from now, Canada’s Ontario would witness Uber Eats receiving orders from people who would want to buy cannabis products.

The app would work in such a way that cannabis lovers would be able to place their orders and then pick up their orders at a store close to their location.

This would in fact be Uber’s first step into the marijuana market, and the company looks like it is in for some good business. Cannabis products are much sought after in this part of the world, and Uber would want to capitalise on the buying power of Ontario’s adult population.

Uber Eats -Tokyo Smoke tie-up to take marijuana orders

The Uber East app will have a dedicated section for Tokyo Smoke, a renowned retailer of cannabis products. Users who place orders for these legal cannabis products will be able to own them in just an hour’s time, as the products will be packed and ready for the buyers to pick up at a local Tokyo Smoke store.

All that users would have to do, apart from parting with the cost, would be to verify their age on the app. Though marijuana is legal in Canada, there are still laws that prohibit delivery of the products. This is why the customers need to pick them up from a nearby store in an hour’s time after the order is accepted by Uber Eats.

The Ontario foray could be the start for Uber’s marijuana business, as it might look at more places in Canada and even the US when the legalities are sorted out. For now, Canada seems to be just right for the app, with statistics stating that the country’s marijuana market is worth around $4bn a year.

This new development could be seen as a follow up to Uber Chief Executive Dara Khosrowshahi’s statement in April last, that his company would mull over delivering cannabis once it is permitted under US law.

Marijuana market in Canada looks to keep illegal sellers at bay

Canada’s marijuana market has remained tricky with illegal producers running the show for long. Even after the legalisation came about in 2018, illegal producers continue running their businesses. The Government of Canada had been looking to address this issue.

Now with Uber and Tokyo Smoke joining hands, Canada’s Ontario would aid adults in purchasing safe and legal cannabis. This would, in other words also mean that, illegal sellers can be kept at bay.

It has been estimated that Canada’s cannabis market place could see major growth by 2026, with growth numbers projected at $6.7 billion by then. Last year, the COVID-19 induced lockdowns had forced people to stay home, and that period had also witnessed a skyrocketing of marijuana use.

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