Planning gifts for girls this Kanjak? Here’s a list of options

On the day of ‘Kanjak’ young girls are offered food and gifts, which is majorly devoted to worshipping those up to the age of 12

Chaitra Navratri, the auspicious nine-day festival in which devotees of Goddess Durga observe fast and pray for health, forgiveness, and prosperity, started on Tuesday.

This year, Chaitra Navratri begins on April 13, 2021, and will end on April 22, 2021. During the festival, many of us prefer buying gifts for kids, offered to them in the form of food, clothes, toys, among several other things. In one of the rituals of the festival, on the day of ‘Kanjak’ or ‘Kanya puja’, young girls are offered food and gifts, which is majorly devoted to worshipping those up to the age of 12.

However, in the current times of distress with the COVID-19 pandemic showing no signs of slowing down, we are still confined to the four walls of our homes. Visiting markets to shop for gifts is not really an option anymore as safety protocols and guidelines are being strictly observed. Needless to say, festivals are incomplete without gifts.

Here is an array of gifting options that you can go for to delight young hearts and bring them warmth and joy:

1. Sanitiser and face mask kit: To ensure the safety and protection of little girls, face masks and hand sanitiser kits can be an ideal gift for Navratri this year. There are many colourful and customised masks available that can be gifted to the kanyas at this year’s festival.

2. Clothes: Every girl desires to be a fashionista and keep up with the latest trends. Be it casual or formal, they are always fond of dresses and love to wear them irrespective of the occasion.
So, gifting clothes is a way to go to keep the festive cheer alive amid the pandemic. What makes it more interesting are startups like Nino Bambino, Greendigo, Hopscotch, and Firstcry, which are progressively working towards creating organic clothes that offer a wide range of beautiful yet sustainable options.

One can choose from dresses, jumpsuits, dungarees, skirts, tops, which can be gifted to young girls this Navratri season.

Planning gifts for girls this Kanjak? Here's a list of options

3. Food: They say the best way to someone’s heart is through their stomach and it holds true on every occasion. Kanya bhoj is all about offering new clothes and feasts to little girls along with worshipping them, as they are considered to be the manifestation of Maa Durga.

To make those little ones gleeful and to receive their blessings, one can them gift packaged food, hampers, and even ice-creams which could work as a perfect treat during this searing heat. But prioritizing their health is equally important so pick something of their choice from Prerna’s handcrafted ice cream, Dinshaw’s, Giani’s, Naturals, and many more.

4. Toys and stationery: Girls are always thrilled at the idea of receiving toys and stationery. Gifting them crayon kits, pencil kits, barbie dolls, teddy bears, or a set of sketch pens is always a nice idea to win their generous and kind hearts.

5. Accessories: Dolling up is what all girls at a young age love to do. Gifting them hair accessories like clips, hair bands, bows, and other accessories will work its magic in bringing smiles to their innocent faces.

6. Sunscreen: This Navratri, gift the little girls blessing your abodes, UVA/UVB protection sunscreen to help them keep their skin hydrated and protected from extreme sun exposure.

With the Navratri celebrations around the corner, little girls can now easily step out of their houses as sunscreen acts as a shield against the scorching heat of the sun. Wandering the streets for hours can cause long-term damage and so, it’s important to make the skin secure from the direct sun rays.

Sunscreen is formulated with hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and essential oils with SPF (Sun Protection Factor), perfectly tailored to suit their tender skin and make their summers care-free and their spirit worry-free. One can choose from a range of brands like e’clat UV Hydra Lite, Lotus, and Nivea to protect the little ones from the extreme summer heat.

To avoid any hassle at the last moment, make sure you are prepared with all items beforehand to receive the adorable smiles and blessings from the purest souls.

Here’s wishing you a very happy, prosperous, and healthy life on the auspicious occasion of Navratri!

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