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Digpu is inviting Indian regional & national level online news publishers who practice true journalism

Digital Interface Group of Publishers (Digpu) is inviting regional as well as Indian national digital news channels to join our specialised news network. We are developing a network of news channels involved in true journalism. The idea is to help and motivate regional Indian news channels (any language) by adding a fixed monthly/yearly revenue to their news channels. To encourage efforts of genuine we add new income sources to your news channel by news content, Banner and Native Ads.

Developers are making more money compared to realstic news publishers

Journalism in India has not been seeing great heights in the recent past. Reporting in the print media and debates on television have been utterly demeaning, and scarcely qualify as journalism. In the past few years, we have experienced a strange dilemma in the Indian media industry. The dilemma is that news channels operated by technical experts make far more revenue from News content, sponsored articles, and advertisements than those news channels/websites that do actual reporting and journalism on the ground.

Having said that, we are here to elaborate on how we can help news outlets like you continue doing ground reporting without having to wonder about the growth of your news platform and consequent revenue.

Promoting Digital News Industry

Since our inception, we are on a mission to promote the digital news industry and helping regional and national level news channels in the following manner:

  • Adding a source of regular income to the news channels by distributing news content, banner ads and native advertisements.
  • Increasing traffic and subscribers by sharing unique content from all across the world [Categories – Business, Technology, Education, Entertainment, Finance etc].
  • Increasing popularity and presence by featuring the news channel on our network panel [90 Agencies and 600+ Existing Clients].

How does it work?

Content Curation: You need to integrate the RSS feed provided by us into your news portal. Channel income is based on various factors like Alexa Rank, Domain Rank, Site Popularity, Search result visibility etc.

Through the RSS feed, you will get regular content for your website. This content will be a combination of general news and business articles from all over the world.

Banner Advertisement: Are you really satisfied with the revenue and the process followed by Google AdSense? Google ads increase the bounce rate to a website by redirecting readers to the ad landing page. Your readers visit your pages to read news and not to read third party ads. Not only this, Google Ad revenue is based on the CPC model. Instead, Digpu will provide banner advertisements on the basis of impression rather than CPC, which means your ad revenue will increase thrice. We design and distribute customized banner ads from reputed brands (no casinos, betting, porn etc). When clicked, these ads will open in a new tab, meaning no increase in Bounce Rate.

Native Ads: Sponsored news articles look good on a news site and increase engagement. Similarly, Digpu native advertisement program will provide you with native advertisements that will match your editorial standard. Our pay-outs will be 20% higher as compared to any other related platforms. Our native advertisement program is presently under development and in the testing process. We will start offering native ads to our news partners from September 2021 and onwards.

News Publishers can apply by submitting details below:

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If you finding any technical problem while filling the form, Kindly call our customer support at +91 742-838-7123 or mail at [email protected]. To know more about our network visit our corporate site

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