Forget Kejriwal’s kapde; give your people roti and naukri, Channi saab

Politicians in responsible positions need to exercise a sense of propriety. Hope Charanjit Singh Channi would give it a thought!

If you are a die-hard fan of the immensely popular Asterix & Obelix comics, you would recall Obelix mouthing “These Romans are Crazy” almost every time he sees or hears about them. If Obelix had made a 2021 landing in Delhi or Punjab, or wherever in India for that matter, he would have gone around screaming “These Politicians are Crazy”.

The refrain would have got even louder, if he had watched the Channi-Kejriwal war of words that sounded sillier than the silliest, in recent times.  It is common knowledge that Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Admi Party (AAP) and Charanjit Singh Channi’s Congress are no doubt sparring it out in Punjab. And, Channi paaji decided to go nasty when he got a chance. And how!

The venue was the floor of a television studio where the Punjab Chief Minister was being interviewed. Of course, a serious one at that. Ah, come on, that’s what you and I thought. But Channi paaji for a moment thought he was on the Kapil Sharma gig. Maybe mentor-turned-deserter Navjot Sidhu’s stupid guffaws flew out of The Kapil Sharma show to Channi’s brains, inducing a Sidhu duplication in the Punjab CM.

Kejriwal should wear better clothes: Charnjit Singh Channi

The well-meaning interviewer posed a query to Punjab CM Channi, on what does he have to tell Delhi Chief Minister who keeps on repeating that the Indian National Congress had left Punjab in mess. Charanjit Channi’s fighting spirit just vroomed, and did a balle balle. We think he thought for a minute. Or did he at all?

A thinking person, a responsible man in a responsible position, that he is, Channi might not have even though for a second – going by the response, that is. Before he could fathom what he was saying, the quintessential Sidhu avatar took over. And he blurted out.  

Now just remember, the question was: What do you have to tell the Delhi CM who thinks Congress has left Punjab in a mess?

The answer from the man who is a Chief Minister of a state in India: Kejriwal should wear better clothes!

He did not stop at that. Channi paaji went ahead and asked the news to see if he has Rs 5,000 so that they could give it to Kejriwal to buy good clothes. Although he earns a salary of Rs 2.5 lakh, he doesn’t wear good clothes, the Punjab Chief Minister added.

Oh Paaji, you are a gem. A Kohinoor at that.  The people of your state should indeed be proud to have such brilliance adorning the Chief Minister’s chair. Waah, Ji waah!!

Arvind Kejriwal was quick to react. He just hopped on to Twitter and wrote-

“चन्नी साहिब, आपको मेरे कपड़े पसंद नहीं। कोई बात नहीं। जनता को पसंद हैं । कपड़े छोड़ो। ये वादे कब पूरे करोगे?

  1. हर बेरोज़गार को रोज़गार कब दोगे
  2. किसानों के क़र्ज़े कब माफ़ करोगे
  3. बेअदबी के दोषियों को जेल क्यों नहीं भेजते
  4. दागी मंत्रियों, MLA और अफ़सरों पर ऐक्शन कब लोगे”

(which roughly translates to Mr Channi, It’s okay if you don’t like my clothes, the public likes them).

Sense and sensibility go for a toss

Charanjit Singh Channi looks like he has a lot to learn in terms of sense of propriety.  It looks like he thinks he is just another worker in the Congress ranks who can shoot irresponsible nothings and get away with it.

Nah, Channi Saab, even if it hasn’t sunk in as yet, you are currently the Chief Minister of an illustrious state called Punjab. And, more significantly, the Indian masses would look for serious stuff when people in responsible positions talk.

But then, you can’t be blamed. Your mentor used to be a funny man called Siddhu. He just about laughs off anything that comes his way, and it is quite natural some of his guffawing traits have rubbed off on you.

 Now, for the latter part of Arvind Kejriwal’s response. “Forget the clothes, when will you fulfil these promises? Give employment to every unemployed; waive loans of farmers; punish the accused in the Guru Granth Sahib sacrilege case; take action against tainted ministers, MLAs and officers.”

So Channi paaji, that’s quite a lot you need to address. Spending time to rebuke and ridicule a fellow Chief Minister’s attire isn’t funny. It is what we call madness. Or as Mr Obelix would say: “Crazy”.  

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