Happy International Women’s Day 2019 – Congratulations From Digpu

Happy International Women's Day 2019 - Congratulations From Digpu
International Women's Day - Digpu


Friday, March 08, 2019 —

As a lady, I would like to say that I celebrate myself and everyone else around me every day. Cherishing people and thanking them for being good humans should be a daily activity. It makes people feel fulfilled.

Today, I want to celebrate and congratulate all women around me for their existence. I want to thank – 

  • The women who dare to dream
  • The women who stand for themselves every time they are let down
  • The women who achieve their goals and fulfil their dreams
  • The women who take up all tough roles in life and outperform themselves and their expectations from oneself
  • The women who live humbly and help people in need
  • The women who decorate 2 homes by her presence – her parents’ and her in-laws’ house; makes both of them her own and makes all lives around her beautiful

And the glorious women who stand by their word and make everyone believe in the promise and dignity of a lady. I congratulate you all today for being an epitome of love, trust, hope, strength and wisdom.  

Happy women’s day to the gentlemen too. I want to thank –

  • The men who take up all their roles happily and unconditionally for their family and people in general.
  • The great men who have made us trust the loyalty of gentlemen
  • The men who protect the rights and respect of people around them
  • The men who live each day effortlessly and empower girls by inspiring them
  • The men who love women in all forms and roles and stand by them like a rock
  • The men who have made us proud by being good humans

And the gentlemen who have mended broken hearts, woven up shattered souls, revived forgotten dreams, held shivering hands in troubles of life and all brave men who light up others’ lives regularly.

To the world, today it is important to celebrate men as much as women since we all grow together. To accomplish all that we wish to, we must inspire and instil greatness and belief in each other. More power to humanity!

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  1. Thanks to you that someone has raised the voice for men also. Otherwise always I see everything about women only, whatever the occasion be.

    • Mr Vyas, at Digpu, we try our best to balance out the attention, motivation and reality checks that everyone must get, irrespective of Gender, religion, caste, community or any other delusional barriers. Thanks for your viewership.

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