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Mankind Pharma’s latest Ganesh Chaturthi advertisement shows real India

The Ganesh Chaturthi advertisement by Mankind Pharma gives goosebumps to the viewers for its pure emotions towards the end as one begins to understand it in its entirety.

The latest Ganesh Chaturthi advertisement from Mankind Pharma has stirred the cages of India’s religious diversity and the love among all communities. It presents a heart-warming story in a 2-minute ad campaign. The video released on August 17, 2020, has been viewed over 3.6 million times as on today. The scene is set to depict the festival time, Ganesh Chaturti as the title of the video reads.

The Ganesh Chaturthi advertisement by Mankind Pharma starts with an elderly couple who are excited about someone’s arrival. As the story continues, they discuss that they are expecting someone who lived in the same village as one of their acquaintances’ village.

They discuss that the guy lives alone in the town and the lady cooks food as they talk. He turns out to have come for the lady’s passport verification. The couple calls him in the house and they eat together.

The couple further discusses that this year their son, who is a doctor, couldn’t come home for the festival. Next, the guy tells the couple that he couldn’t go home this year due to his duty amid the pandemic. As he begins to leave, the lady tells him to visit them in case he is unable to go home for Eid.

Our Verdict:

We would give 5⭐ to the Ganesh Chaturthi advertisement by Mankind Pharma. The advertisement gives goosebumps for its pure emotions towards the end as one begins to understand it in its entirety.

Digpu congratulates the whole team behind this advertisement. We wish more creators come forward to remind everyone of the very essence of India, home to everyone.

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