International Disgrace- Extremely Shameful If Your Words And Actions Are Being Used Against India

Pakistan Tries To Brand Kulbhushan Jadhav A RAW Spy based on articles from The Quint, Karan Thapar and Praveen Swami

February 21, 2019 —

On the day when India was waiting for the verdict on Kulbhushan Jadhav case, we suffered at the hands of our own media. It all started when Jadhav, who was running a business in Iran, was accused of being a spy by Pakistan. Recently, he was sentenced to death by Pakistani military court.

India’s counsel Harish Salve is arguing in Jadhav’s favour at the International Court of Justice in the Hague, the Netherlands. Notably, Mr Salve, one of the most expensive lawyers in the world, has charged only Re 1 for the case. Mr Salve presented his argument in a dignified yet firm style at the ICJ, Netherlands. But India was shaken when Pakistan’s counsel quoted articles from The Quint and by Karan Thapar and Praveen Swami.

The TRP hungry media has failed us, time and again. This time it has brought international disgrace to India.

Could Have Been Loss Of Face In Front Of Pakistan, All Thanks To Irresponsible Indian Media

The Indian media is ruled by TRPs. A large number of their articles, debate shows, twitter conversations are only meant to spark outrage and gain popularity. Well, this was acceptable and bearable until it caused international insult to India.

Imagine speaking for the country and then seeing your argument nullified using the words of your fellow countrymen. How progressive are we if our progress lies in the disrespect of our country and its people?

To all Elite Media Sources, do you know thousands of news channels and newspapers other than you exist in India?

Answer To The Most Unexpected Question At This Moment

Yes, we have a large number of news distribution outlets, online channels, independent journalists working for the country. They may not even be highlighted because they work in their state or region. Also, they don’t know how to raise the TRP bar. All they know is to gather real happenings and showcase them on their website, tv or print media. That’s where the big difference seeps in.

If you know what sells, you know how to make money and grow. But if you just bring reality to the table, you may be paid peanuts or your motivation may get killed.

Honestly, I am not here to advocate the goodness of one news channel or blame the other. The purpose is to shed light upon the monstrous activities in the name of free media.

It is a blunder to call a militant/terrorist a headmaster’s son, a school dropout, a humble scholar or any other thing but a militant. Call a spade a spade.

Die Of Shame If Your Words And Actions Are Being Used Against India- Digpu Opinion.png

Be An Indian first and A Businessman Later

Is it that tough? Does anyone know how much an average Indian is affected by the news we read or watch on a daily basis?

Take my word when I say most of us believe what you show us or tell us. We do that because most of us don’t have the time to gather information on the ground. We grab hold of the newspaper on the go or listen to the news while we commute. So, we are bound to believe what our brains are fed.

Therefore, I request all of you to be responsible and not just play with our minds. Let India come first and business later.

Let freedom of speech prevail but restrict your freedom to the boundaries of the goodwill of the country

Following are a few examples of irresponsible journalism:

Sympathising with a militant by calling him a soft-spoken scholar isn’t acceptable. He may have been a scholar then, he is a terrorist now. 

Also, Stop Making Mistakes With Serious Information And Details

Die Of Shame If Your Words And Actions Are Being Used Against India- Digpu Opinion
Die Of Shame If Your Words And Actions Are Being Used Against India- Digpu Opinion

Our Heartfelt Request As Fellow Indians

As fellow countrymen, we request each one of you to behave responsibly on and off screen. We trust our media still and want to keep doing so. Let freedom of speech prevail but restrict your freedom to the boundaries of the goodwill of the country. India still needs free information and it needs freedom from its biased free press.

After so many years of Independence, we are yet to be freed of our internal wars and struggles. I respect the spirit of knowledge but let not immense knowledge breed vandalism and conflicts. Let us give India the way to move forward.

May Mother India gain freedom from the internal shackles that restrict her growth!

Jai Hind!

Feel free to drop your comments on how media can improve and also how we can be better readers.

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