The Mumbai Saga- Drugs, Terrorists, and Netas

In the Mumbai saga, concoction rules the roost, smaller players get caught. Real players call shots from behind the curtain.

This year’s Diwali has been subdued and Supreme Court can be credited for this. However the political bombs are exploding and the sound is deafening, drowning any voice of sanity or reason. The Fadnavis Diwali Bomb has been countered by the Hydrogen Bomb by Nawab Mallik. The shadow boxing by these two players is now joined by Dawood Ibrahim and the proceedings have become even more sinister.

The first episode of Season 1 of this political drama had Sushant Rajput and Rhea Chakraborty as its main protagonist. The second episode of this saga is Aryan Khan and the third is the latest feud between Nawab Mallik and Fadnavis.  However, the real players in this potboiler are neither the NCB officers nor Iqbal Mirchi or Dawood Ibrahim. The real actors are the politicians of all colours and hues who patronize these players of drugs, terrorism, prostitution, fake currency racket, land grabbing and almost every deed which does not align with the laws of any civilized world.

In 1993, when Mumbai was shaken by a series of bomb blasts, a committee was formed headed by Justice N.N. Vohra to look into the failures of the system which led to the terror attack taking place. Vohra’s report was damning to the extent that only three copies were made and it was never released for the public.

The Mumbai Saga-Drugs, Terrorists, and Netas - Digpu News

The report laid bare the links between political leaders, police, judiciary, Bollywood, drug mafia and terror. The report outlines how the smaller fishes are captured but the bigger players cannot be touched by Police, CBI, RAW, IB or any other security agencies.

The Bomb Blasts in Mumbai indicted Iqbal Mirchi and associates but no action was taken on the political links to the atrocity. Who helped the RDX to land in Gujrat and go unnoticed to Mumbai to be used for the blasts? The huge drug seizure in Adani owned port in Gujarat has hit a roadblock and it has faded away from public view.

The failure to take action as recommended by the Vohra Committee has led to further strengthening of the Neta-Criminal nexus. Today, the mafia runs its own private network to communicate with one another. Private players are dominating the mobile banking scene. The political gap between Central Agencies and the State Police is widening. Criminals and Mafia are able to reinvest their ill-gotten gains through FDI, Cryptocurrencies and other means.

The Mumbai Saga leads to smaller fries like Vaze, Gosavi getting caught but the real players who remain behind the curtain continue to call the shots. Politicians of all hues and colours unite when anyone tries to challenge their authority. The ruling party and the opposition are very much akin to one another. You save my back and I will save yours and the game continues.   

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