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    Digpu Partnership Opportunity

    Digpu News Network

    India's largest Premium multimedia news network is inviting authorised news distribution partners.

    The partners will handle multimedia news distribution for the premium news channels of India - Hindustan Times, News18, Forbes India, MoneyControl, CNN Tv18, CNBC, LiveMint, Firstpost and 100+ Digital News Channels along with Newspapers, Magazines, YouTube and Tv Channels.

    Business Opportunity

    We dominate 70% of the Digital, YouTube and Print News network of India. Digpu News Network is the official & exclusive partner with premium news channels. We are inviting companies to handle our operations as Authorized News Distributor in Maharashtra, AP, Karnataka, MP, Gujarat and Rajasthan.

    The Indian Digital Ad, Print and YouTube industry has reached to INR 80,000 Crores and is expected to surpass 1 Lakh crores by 2021. Our aim is to grab 90% of the Indian News Industry in the next 3 years.

    Nature of Business

    An unparalleled business opportunity to handle multimedia news distribution with an initial investment of 2-5 Crores and more than 50% ROI (Return On Investment) within 4-5 months.

    Digital News

    The company will forward all enquiries from the respective states to the distributor on daily basis related to Digital news/company press release publication. The distributor and his team needs to handle all the queries and process it to execution. Apart from that, the distributor needs to create a new market in his authorised territory on the basis of strategies provided by the company. Distributors need to handle digital news publication business (news articles / press releases) for Hindustan Times, News18, Moneycontrol, Firstpost, Livemint, Forbes India and 100+ digital news channels. The distributors will be responsible for entire digital news publication business in their authorised state/territory.

    Print News

    The company will forward daily enquiries for print publication to the distributor. The distributor and his team needs to meet the clients personally, give demonstration, share quotation and proceed to execution. Apart from that, the distributor needs to create a new market for print publications in premium newspapers and magazines on the basis of marketing strategies provided by the company. The distributors needs to handle print news business for publication of the news articles in premium newspapers and Magazines of India such as HT City, HT Cafe, Mint , Hindustan (Hindi), HT Estates, Forbes India Magazine, Brunch and 20 more newspapers in various languages.

    YouTube and Tv Network

    At Digpu we arrange interviews, panel discussions and webinars based on various themes and industries. Distributor needs to handle all the panelist on the behalf of CNN Tv 18, CNBC, Forbes India and other channels. Apart from that Digpu is launching a Startup web series in association with many premium channels. The distributor and his team needs to meet and finalise the panelist. Distributors needs to handle YouTube and Tv network like Interviews,Webinars and Panel discussions for the premium YouTube and Tv channels of India like CNN, CNBC, News18, Forbes India, Times 18 and more than 50+ YouTube and satellite Tv network in India.

    Roles and Responsibilities


    State level Distributor needs to hire a team of minimum 40 members to handle operations, customer care and operations. Senior team to handle categories like Technology, Real Estate, Startups, Entertainment and Healthcare.


    Company and authorized representative of the news channels will provide 30 days process training to the distributor and his team.


    A state level distributor must have at least 2 to 3 existing office branches in main districts of the state. The distributor needs to develop new branches as per the business projection given by the company.

    Dedicated Team

    Digpu will provide a dedicated state head and other team to look after new and existing business in the state.

    Initial Investment

    Distributor needs to buy at least 100 news slots initially for top 10 premium news channels. At any given point of time distributor must have 500 news slots in advance. So, ideally an investment of 2-5 crores is required for a state level distribution.

    Daily Enquiries

    Digpu will forward all the enquiries from the state to the authorised distributor on daily basis. Distributor and his team needs to handle them as per the given particulars.

    Ideal Distribution Partner

    Distribution partner must have an existing business set up in terms of several branch offices and manpower in various districts.

    Distributor partner must have a reputed existing business set up and a capability of handling an annual business turnover of 50 crores and above.

    Distributor partner should be highly educated with the understanding of news and media business. Companies or entrepreneurs from Marketing, Public relations, IT and software background would be preferred.

    Distributor should have a capacity of initial investment of 2-5 Crores.


    (Max 300 words) Kindly share a bit more details about you and your business.
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